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30 Aug, 2018

Inspired Alvin Png returning to 2018 MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

Starting a new training regime, Alvin Png, the National Award Winner of 2017 MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

returning to the new edition race on 29th September 2018


1. Why would you join MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50 again?

First of all, it is a well-organized event and the ambiance is amazing.

I always love to participate in local events as it is a great opportunity to catch up with all my running buddies and to have fun together.


2. September is one of the best months to do trail race, would you do something different for this September race? and how to balance the daily work and pre-race training?

I have been adopting a new training routine I started late last year while training up for a race in Japan. It is basically a structured routine that focuses on improving the different fitness systems via various types of intervals done strategically at different phases of the training blocks.

I usually squeeze in my training via run commutes to or from work.


3. Any special race goal this year?

I do not usually have any specific race goals these days. I prefer to just do my best and let things happen naturally. I race against myself not others.


4. Any famous mentors or inspirational people you look up to and why?

I look up a lot to Mr. Marco Olmo, an amazing Vegan and self-coached ultrarunner from Italy. Despite his strenuous and hectic work schedule, he still finds time to train every day and excel in races at an elite level. He has won a lot of desert races such as MDS and the highlight of his career is to have won Europe’s top trail ultra-race UTMB twice in 2006 and 2007 at age 58 then 59. There is so much to learn from his discipline and focus. Did I mention that he is 70 years old this year!!

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