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07 Jul, 2018

MSIG Development Plan Ng Wai-Hei and Hung Ho-fung win kayak n Run

Action Asia Kayak n RunSeries 2018

Race 1 – May 5 – Deep Water Bay

Race 2 – June 2 – Discovery Bay – in association with BWET

Race 3 – July 7 – Tai Tam Bay – in association with BWET

MSIG Development Plan winner Ng Wai-Hei and Hung Ho-fung win kayak n Run

Tai Tam last leg of 2018 Action Asia Kayak n Run Series in association with BWET  

HONG KONG, July 7, 2018 – Positive comments came flowing across the finish line of the final leg of the Action Asia Kayak n Run in association with BWET at Tai Tam Bay Saturday morning. MSIG Action Asia Development programme winner Ng Wai-Hei and teammate Hung Ho-Fung of team “TNF Explorers” grabbed the top of the podium in 1 hour 36 minutes and 16 seconds.

The Family Category started at 8:00 am is designed for parents and kids to paddle for fun. It’s Team Mito’s 7th time joining the family events of Action Asia Kayak n Run series. Ever since May Kwok was 6 years old, father Oscar Kwok teamed up with her every year at this series. Oscar Kwok shared: “I think it is very important to have family quality time and family routine between me and my daughter and son. So that they will have something special to remember when they grow up. Only few events in Hong Kong would combine kayak n run together and offering family category. I found it very fun, so I decided to join every time I see it.”

13-year-old daughter May Kwok is about to be a middle school student. “We join this event every year. I really enjoyed running in the mountains. I also loved the feeling of kayaking with my dad and trying our best to catch up with the leading team.”

Family teams kayaked around Tai Tam Bay for 2km then left the kayak at CP1 near the pier in front of the Scout Centre and started a 3-km run to go out to CP2 in Tai Tam Tuk and back to the finish line.

As for the Adult race, MSIG Action Asia Development programme winner Ng Wai-Hei and teammate Hung Ho-Fung of team “TNF Explorers” grabbed first place in 1 hour 36 minutes and 16 seconds. After came second at the last Action Asia Kayak n Run race in Discovery bay. Ng Wai-Hei and his teammate Hung Ho-Fung won the champion title of this final leg as they hoped for. “I’m currently under the systematical training of MSIG Action Asia Development programme including stairs training for climbing ability with coaches Michael Maddess and Olya Korzh, body strength and balance training with Joint Dynamics. I think I have performed better at the trail running section than the last time. This is also our second time teaming up for the series, so all went smoother too,” said Ng, the 18-year-old local athlete.

Only 7 minutes later, British Chris Davis and Swiss Magdalena Cvetkovic, the power couple teamed up as Team Tiger again winning both the overall 2nd place and the champion of the mixed team (1:43:16). “It was very hot out there and we were leading till the halfway point until we were overtaken by these very fast young gentlemen Ng Wai-hei (18-year-old) and Hung Ho-fung. We are glad to see the young generation doing so well too,” said Cvetkovic. “I enjoyed the first long Kayak part and we pulled a big gap because of my great partner paddled so strong and we always race so hard in these Action Asia Kayak n Run series and we barely had time to see the nice view around,” said Davis.

Experienced Chinese coach Cai Ren Gui is teaming up with Chen Doing Pin as Team 01 for the race and came overall 3rd place in 1 hour 49 minutes 46 seconds, “I organize at least 5 teams to come to Hong Kong for this series’ race every year because there was no this type of race in Shenzhen. We also love the stunning sceneries at all of Action Asia Kayak n Run series’ race venues and I expect to organize more people to join next year,” said Coach Cai.

“This is our first time teaming up for the race and it’s also my first time kayaking so, after the kayak part, I was sure that I used up all of my energy. But it was so much fun and I would like to practice my kayaking if I have the chance,” said Chen.

The champion of the women’s team went to the team of Zoe Wong and Sonia Lee (2:14:31). “I was surprised with this result. It must be the good weather that helped us get the first place of the women’s team. Other than the Kayaking parts, I also loved the orientation of the trail running section as you could be creative, and the goal was to reach the checkpoints as fast as we can, so it was challenging,” said Wong. “I have been running for more or less 10 years now and I always joined this event with male teammates, so it was a lot of fun teaming up with Zoe, a likeminded lady and it was so much fun,” said Lee.

The Adult category was flagged off after a short BWET paddle lifting game. Starting at Tai Tam Tuk, the 4km ocean kayak went out to Windy Gap, then To Tei Wan. Leaving their kayaks, participants ran up to the Dragon’s Back in Shek O Country Park, passing near the 284m Shek O Peak and covering 6km before returning to their kayaks for a final 2km paddle back to Tai Tam Bay. All participants received a high-quality BWET Action Asia beach towel.

The Action Asia Kayak n Run Series in association with BWET could not happen without the generous support of the official swimwear BWET - Urban inspired men's swimwear from Spain and supporting partners Action X Store, C3fit, Key Sun Zinke, Salonsip, B-Well, HKRI, OL&N and Action Asia Foundation.


Race Result

Action Asia Kayak n Run Series in association with BWET - Tai Tam Bay


ADULT CATEGORY (9 am start)

Rank – Team/Sponsor – Name – Time

Overall Top 3 Teams

1st - TNF Explorers – Ho Fung Hung (Hong Kong) / Wai Hei Ng (Hong Kong) – 01:36:16

2nd - Team Tiger – Chris Davis (United Kingdom) / Magdalena Cvetkovic (Switzerland) – 01:43:16

3rd - 01 TEAM – Rengui Cai (China) / Dongping Chen (China) – 01:49:46


Mixed Combined Age 36+

1st – 逆瘋 – Chi Yeung Chiu (Hong Kong) /Cheuk Yu Lee (Hong Kong) – 02:04:50

2nd – N/A - Pui Yee Chan (Hong Kong) /Wing Yeung Sung (Hong Kong)– 02:06:40

3rd - Perseverance – Siu lai Cho (Hong Kong) / Ho yin Ma (Hong Kong) – 02:15:28


Mixed Combined Age 70+

1st - Team Tiger – Chris Davis (United Kingdom) / Magdalena Cvetkovic (Switzerland) – 01:43:16

2nd – Antibiotics – Jennifer Cheung (Hong Kong) / Kwok Kong Ho (Hong Kong) – 01:52:33

3rd – HKSC – Rachelle Landicho (Philippines) / Fraser Wilkie (United Kingdom) – 02:00:43


Women’s Team

1st – Mo's beer – Sonia Lee (Hong Kong) / Zoe Wong (Hong Kong) – 02:14:31

2nd – El & Marinel – Marinel Fitzsimons (United Kingdom) / Eleanor French (United Kingdom) – 02:35:15

3rd – Mo's Beer – Yin Wan Chau (Hong Kong) / Pui Lan Lau (Hong Kong) – 02:45:53


Race Info

Event Name

Action Asia Kayak n Run Series in association with BWET – Tai Tam Bay


July 7, 2018 (Saturday)

Start Time

8:00 am Family race start & 9:00 am Adult race start

Start & Finish Location

Tai Tam Tuk, Tai Tam Bay, Hong Kong Island (South side), Hong Kong


Family: 2km kayak & 3 km run

Adult: 4km kayak & 6km run & 2km kayak


Kayaking and running along the beautiful Tai Tam Bay coastline to Hobie Cat Beach and over Dragons Back


To see beautiful scenery off the main trails and into locations people don't usually go.


For more race details, please visit below:









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