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30 Apr, 2019

Overcoming Injury to regain confidence is never easy

Personal note allowed to share on web.
From back injury to down and almost out to podium – I wont quit

Hey Michael. Thanks for a great course and a good race (Bonaqua Action X Sprint DBay). I didn't have time to share this with you yesterday but two things.

Thanks for a great course and a good race (Bonaqua Action X Sprint D.Bay). 

I didn't have time to share this with you yesterday but will do so now.

As you know I have been out of commission for a very long time with a back injury.  I have been struggling not being able to race. I was happy to do the race as it’s on my home turf. I was very scared to do it too as the pressure of placing is always huge in D. Bay. As the race started I was enjoying the view and being able to run again. As I got to  the top of the golf course hill I could feel my legs burning and me not feeling so good. I got up TGH (Tigers Head – Lo Fu Tau 465m) halfway and got sick in the middle of TGH on top of  that my legs were burning I felt like I had nothing in me. Coupled with the physical aliments and my mental state this was not conducive for me to be in the moment sort of run.

You see, I am not a quitter, but I wanted to quit.

1).  I was tired and physically done

2).  Mentally  I was speaking to myself that I couldn’t do it and  to make podium forget it. Loads of people started to pass me and that got to me . After getting sick and the mental dialogue going in my head I turned around and had made the decision to quit. I watched 5 women pass me and about 10 men This was hard for me as I always enjoy my races. After about three mins of going down the hill and some looks from people “like what is she doing”.  I know I am strong and can push  hard and those  demons were never issues to me before but today they were Inside I felt defeated.  I disliked feel weak overall.

I had a sudden sense of regret and suddenly I felt power in my legs again and could breath I made the decision to turn around. I said to myself “I have to finish this thing, it doesn't matter if I don't win”. My kids are at the finish line and they need to know that you don’t quit because of mental defeat!

I pushed hard! With my mantra as I have done before. “ I can and I will” or I am fit strong and healthy that helps me to run up mountains. So I started to run.

I  started to pass many men and now needed to pass the women. As I passed 3 women I had 2 more ahead of me to catch. I was now on the technical portion and following a man that was slowing me down, it was hard to pass as there was drop offs. I asked him “excuse me” “ can I pass you”. He said NO.

I said look seeing as you’re a man and we aren't racing each other. I see two girls that I know I can catch and I know I am faster than you right now! So you have no choice but to let me by. 

He finally did. Passing the two girls while cheering them on then, I finally caught up to the last one Nat a nice competitor. It was the in the final stretch where I was in the water coasteering coastline section at Nim Shu Wan.

I could see her starting to run on the cement and knew that it was ok to let her go and just be happy with my catch.  I was back and my mind was clear and in the moment, my eyes could see the beauty and I was out there doing what I love. ( Tear, Tear). I can't believe I passed so many people and came back the way I did. To then cross the finish line and see and talk  to Vlad, Marie, Emille, Zein and Nikii Hann to share my story and to  hear their encouragement. WOW What a  fantastic trail community, it is because of you organizing these events that I have met some real great athletes and humans like Zein Williams especially over these last 6 years.  To witness the shear cheering from these individuals to see me come back and not be bogged down by negative self talk is just igniting.

It’s pretty cool. I wanted to share my story. My legs are killing me today I feel like I am walking on stilts what a day.... Anyways thanks again for a good race and being a pretty cool character! 

Great to see runners like Joyce Moir- Edmondson from DBAY getting the fire and passion again for trail running after her set back from her injury which can be very tough mentally to overcome. Hope to see her soon at future events.


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