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05 May, 2019

Mist, fog, heavy winds add to final Bonaqua Action X Sprint

Bonaqua Action X SPRINT Trail Series 2019

April 07, 2019 - Bonaqua Action X SPRINT Trail Series – Sai Kung

April 28, 2019 - Bonaqua Action X SPRINT Trail Series – Discovery Bay

May 05, 2019 - Bonaqua Action X SPRINT Trail Series - Repulse Bay

Runners praise heavy winds, mist & fog - Bonaqua Action X SPRINT Repulse Bay

HONG KONG, Sunday, May 05, 2019 – Almost 400 runners joined the final leg of 2019 Bonaqua Action X Sprint Trail series at Repulse Bay with no rain that was expected, but instead heavy winds, mist and fog up on 436m high Violet Hill on Sunday. Both 14km and 9km races kicked off at 8:30 am with clear and breezy conditions at the beach start.

For the 14km race, the new record holder, French runner Adrien Konareff crossed the finish line in a blistering time of 1 hour 9 minutes and 49 seconds as the overall champion of the Bonaqua Action X Sprint Trail Run at Repulse Bay. Running on the top of Violet Hill with the misty atmosphere was Konareff’s favorite part of the race. “The wind was very strong and running up over in the fog was quite special as kept temperatures low which was perfect conditions to go for it. My preparation for the race was to run every week, hill or flat but mostly hills,” Frenchman Konareff said.

Kiwi runner James Park came second of the 14km race (01:17:38). Park enjoyed the race and had a great morning. “It was a really a great race, especially when I went over the Violet Hill as it was nice and cool out there. There are tough climbs as always and two flater sections around the middle reservoir that required me to push hard, but new it was too tough to close the gap on the Frenchman. Just a great designed course and well organized in general,” said James Park.

Scottish Jamie McLaren, just 58 seconds behind James Park, came third place in 1 hour 18 minutes , he really enjoyed the race organized Action Asia Events, “ I have been here for only a few months, amazing event and definitely recommend to any one coming here for a while in Hong Kong to try some of the Action Asia Events as completely blown away how smooth everything goes and the top quality marking compared to back home,” said Jamie McLaren.

In the women’s race, American runner Lauren Decoff claimed the 14km women’s title in 1 hour 37 minutes and 21 seconds. Decoff prepared the race by doing a little exercise almost every day after surgery in last November. Her physio coach has helped her a lot with her slow and steady recovery from her surgery. “I’m so happy to come in first today. It is one of my favorite Hong Kong courses so far as the hill was wet, misty and not a killer, the catchwater is under the trees and really nice. The weather was cool so I felt really strong and loved it,” she said.

French runner Leslie Van is the second women in 14km in the time of 1 hour 41 minutes and 13 seconds, she enjoyed the race very much, “I’m actually using the race to train for the Mongolia Action Asia Ultra Marathon in Mid-June. I’m really looking forward to it,” said Van.

Local runner Kam Hay Man was the third in 1 hour 41 minutes and 13 seconds. “I was very close to the second place runner (Van) during the last part of the race. Leslie Van was nice enough to wait for me and we held hands to run to the finish line. She is so sweet!” She continues, “The course is awesome, especially the downhills. I also think the weather today made it more technical and fun.”

Nepal’s Yamanath Limbu who came away with a Sai Kung win and 3rd place in Discovery Bay grabbed the overall Men’s series win. American Lauren Decoff who was the winner in Repulse Bay and second place in Sai Kung is the overall series women’ s winner.

Bonaqua Action X Sprint Trail Run at Repulse Bay also offered 9km distance. Hong Kong resident Stephen Higgins from UK came first in 55 minutes 32 seconds. Ever since he moved to Hong Kong 2 years ago, he has joined many races organized by Action Asia Events. Higgins did the same race last year with a friend. “The race was wonderful. The route was well marked and the trail was great,” he said.

Local Hong Kong runner Evelyn Chan grabs the women’s title of the 9km race in 1 hour 13 minutes and 55 seconds. This race is her third Action Asia Events race and her second time doing the 9km Bonaqua Action X Sprint Trail Run Repulse Bay. Last year, she came 2nd place and has improved this year becoming the champion in one year time. Chan’s favorite part of the course was just going over the highest point and knew that everything else was downhill.

Runners set off from Repulse Bay Beach and after a short 400m sprint on the sand, they headed up towards Tai Tam Country Park for a loop around Violet Hill including going over the 436meter peak. Going down the Wilson trail the 9km participants would then drop back down to Repulse Bay, while the 14km participants continued on towards Tai Tam Reservoir for another loop around the middle reservoir before finishing back at the beach.

The Bonaqua Action X SPRINT Trail Series now in its 16th years is an icon in Hong Kong for many trail runners with over 1000 participating in the series.. Action Asia Events is dedicated to creating diversified and challenging routes, and giving runners the opportunity to set foot on less-trodden trails and explore the suburbs away from the concrete jungle.

The event is possible due to the generous support of presenting sponsors Bonaqua and Action X Store with supporting partners: Royale International, Lion Rock Brewery, HOKA One One, C3fit, Camelbak, Herbalgy, Salonsip, Lorence & Company and HK Living Magazine.

Race Results

14km - Top 5 Men

Name - Nationality - Team/Sponsor - Finishing Time

1. Adrien Konareff – France - 01:09:49

2. James Park – New Zealand – 01:17:38

3. Jamie McLaren – United Kingdom - 01:18:36

4.Thomas Kitwood – United Kingdom - 01:19:07

5.Timothy Couper – United Kingdom - 01:19:55

14km - Top 5 Women

Name - Nationality - Team/Sponsor - Finishing Time

1. Lauren Decoff – United States - 01:37:21

2. Lesile Van – France - 01:41:13

3. Kam Hay Man – Hong Kong - 01:41:13

4. Kate Turbett –Ireland - 01:44:34

5.Natalie Webster - United Kingdom- 01:45:56

9km - Top 3 Men

Name - Nationality - Team/Sponsor - Finishing Time

1. Stephen Higgins –- United Kingdom – 00:55:32

2. Nirimal Kumar Rai – Nepal – 01:02:28

3. Samuel Lee – Hong Kong – 1:07:36

9km - Top 3 Women

Name - Nationality - Team/Sponsor - Finishing Time

1. Evelyn Chan – Hong Kong - 01:13:55

2. Mairi Mclnnes – United Kingdom - 01:17:09

3. Cora Ang – Singapore - 01:17:22

Race Info

Event Name

Bonaqua Action X SPRINT Trail Series – Repulse Bay


May 5, 2019 (Sunday)

Start Time

8:30 am

Start and  Finish Location

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong


14 km and 9km


Hiking and Trail Running




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