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04 Dec, 2021

Wettstein set strategy pays off - Fjelddahl grabs overall Women’s 54km

2021/22 HK50 Series

Oct 23, 2021 - HK50 – Hong Kong Island 50

Dec 4, 2021 - Lantau 50

Jan 15, 2022 - Sai Kung 50

Feb 20, 2022 - Hong Kong 50 WEST

Wettstein set strategy pays off while Fjelddahl grabs overall Women’s 54km title with patience and determination - Lantau 50

HONG KONG, December 4, 2021 – Lantau 50, the second trail running race of the Hong Kong 50 series with a 16km, 27km and 54km ultra skymarathon, finished with Switzerland national Salomon Wettstein making a surge on the 2nd half of the 54km course grabbing the overall win in 6 hours 46 minutes 23 seconds while Japanese national Hong Kong born Hanah Fjelddahl had an exceptional race pacing herself well taking the women’s title in 8 hours 14 minutes 40 seconds at the sold out event capped at 500.

“I’m very grateful of my win as it was definitely not just me. My favorite part of the course, well, I really enjoyed the whole course. The views were amazing, the weather was amazing, but the last 2 hills, that was a struggle as thought they were never ending but it was really fun. I was trying to see how the race goes. Definitely wasn’t aiming for the top. Was just trying to see how I would do, then I realized on the uphill of Lantau Peak I started to catchup, and I thought oh maybe it was possible and going up Sunset Peak (last big climb) I just never looked as said just go.” Said overall women’s winner Fjelddahl behind her face mask at the finish.

“I was actually, only looking at my time as was planning a 645 time and more or less reached it and was also on time at checkpoints and didn’t focus to much on JB at beginning as knew he was going quite hard and was wondering if he would hold up. And then going up Lantau Peak and looking in front and could see he was starting to cramp up. He really pushed hard, but probably think he pushed a little too hard and then going down I passed him and felt great at that point, then I must say going up Sunset Peak I also was suffering started to get a bit of cramps, it was getting warm but somehow was holding it together and I got to finish strong. Yes. Run for Uglow and Julbo and live on Lantau Island and very happy to join the Lantau 50 as it’s one of my favorite races as I live on this island and it’s a beautiful course" said overall 54km Mens winner Wettstein surrounded by his Uglow teammates.

Wong Wai-hung was the first Hong Kong local across ."The course was really nice, very tough, the 54k with very high elevation and very nice and I love Lantau but every time I come to Lantau its always a nightmare as the last 2 Peaks - Lantau Peak and Sunset Peak is too tough for me and everyone I think, but that was one reason why I started easy as did trailwalker last week and felt a bit tired last week so empty now. Think I knew I was in the top 5 in first 25-30km at Ngong Ping and Keung Shan and made my way up thru field and saw JB who was in 2nd place struggling over last few kilometers on Olympic trail and tried to build a little gap over him which worked which I was lucky to get ahead to take 2nd overall” said Wong finishing in 7 hours 1 minute 18 seconds just ahead of the Frenchman JB Martenet who finished 3rd overall in 7 hours 3 minutes 52 seconds also finishing a superb race.

The trail running event started from Tung Chung taking runners up to Nei Lek Shan, Ngong Ping, Keung Shan ridge, Shek Pik, Lantau Peak - height 934m, Sunset Peak - height 800m, Pak Mong finishing in Tung Chung challenging even the most experienced runners with over 3,300m of elevation gain, 3300m of elevation loss with a 12 hour cut-off.

The event was organized by Action Asia Events who has organized over 280 events in the past 20 years with generous support from Action X store, Royale International, Bonaqua, Salonpas, Nectar Hydro, Herbalgy and JBL . The course was designed by Michael Maddess.




54km - Overall top 5 Men - Lantau 50
1. Salomon Wettstein - Switzerland - Uglow - 6:46:23
2. Wong Wai-hung - HKG - China - 7:01:18
3. Jb Martenet France - gone running - 7:03:52
4. Henri Lehkonen - Australia - Gone Runnings / Joint Dynamics - 7:09:41
5. Wong Kwok Wai - HKG - China 0 07:18:08

54km - Overall top 5 Women - Lantau 50
1. Hanah Fjelddahl - Japan - 8:14:40
2. Claire Nesbitt - Ireland - Gone Runners - 8:18:24
3. Angelika Hahn - Germany - 8:19:32
4. Nicola Han United - Kingdom - 8:21:37
5. Jinko Takeshige - Japan - 8:37:28

27 km - Overall top 5 Men - Lantau 50
1. James Park - New Zealand 3:25:10
2. Oliver Marks - United Kingdom -3:33:12
3. Kin Wai Yeung - HKG - China - 3:35:22
4. Arthur Favier - France Berteam - 3:38:42
5. Pierre Marconnet - New Caledonia - 3:45:57

27 km - Overall top 5 Women - Lantau 50
1. Mei Yan Wong - HK - China - 4:04:38
2. Kate Richdale - UK - 4:11:13
3. Hoi ying Chan - HKG - China - 4:21:48
4. Pui Yee Li - HKG - China - 4:27:40
5. Rose Capper - United Kingdom - 4:39:45

16 km - Overall top 5 Men - Lantau 50

1. Kenshi Kuraya - Japan - HSBC 1:42:58
2. Chris Davis - UK - 1:47:36
3. Chi Yeung Chow - HKG - LA Fitness HK - 1:48:00
4. Hector Chan - France - 1:50:54
5. Benjamin Harel - France - 1:52:25

16 km - Overall top 5 Women - Lantau 50

1. Pui Yan Naomi Fung - HKG - 2:08:16
2. Melanie Wong - Australia - Hurricane Wonginson - 2:09:56
3. Mathilde Lefoulon - France - Mathilde Lefoulon - 2:19:21
4. Melanie Barnish - Australia - 2:29:45
5. Aurelie Barat - France - 2:31:15

Race Info

All results


Event Name

Lantau 50 - Race 2 of HK50 series


Dec 4, 2021 (Saturday)

Start Time

6:30 am (54 km) , 6:40 am (27 km) , 6:50 am (16 km) 

Start & FinishLocation

Man Tung Road Park,  Tung Chung, Lantau, Hong Kong


16km, 27km, 54km


Trail Running and Hiking




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