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31 Oct, 2021

Trails - wild boars inspire at Hysan Island Hike & Run

Trails and wild boars inspire road runner Fung to do more after Hysan Island Hike & Run win

Oct 31, 2021 - With few road running events approved, 24-year-old Naomi Fung Pui Yan was getting a bit bored after doing over 30 road races with a PB of 1:25 and decided to enter Sunday’s Hysan Island Hike & Run at Tai Tam who went on to win the overall women’s sneaking 2 minutes in front of previous race winner Wong Mei Yan (Salomon).

“My first trail race ever having completed over 30 road races with a PB in the half marathon in 1:25 and thought why not give it a try as something different. Running on the road does get a bit boring as wanted to do something other than road and try something new so just randomly entered. Definitely, the small rocks on the ground, the technical bits put me outside my comfort zone as was a bit nervous I might fall. Was much more comfortable in the flat paved sections. I was paying attention to the technical section around the intermediate reservoir and looked up and saw a wild boar which surprised me, but it ran off. Will be wanting to try Lantau50 or Sai Kung 50 next, but maybe not the full 50 as still need to practice a bit more on the trails, said overall Women’s 22km winner Fung winning in 2 hrs 44 minutes 13 seconds.

Local Hong Kong runner Chan Ka-Keung won the overall 22km Men’s title in 2 hours 19 minutes 31 seconds. “Today was nice and cool as temperatures were great as perfect for running, but the Twins were the hardest. No cramps as felt good as doing around 70 km a week of training a week which helped me a lot. Usually I do road running, but so happy I entered this Hysan trail event as look forward to the next one as well organized compared to others” said overall Men’s 22k winner Chan finishing around 8 minutes in front of 2nd place overall Hector Chan.

Just 2 minutes later and grabbing 2nd overall in the Womens 22km race was Hong Kong's Wong Mei-Yan a previous winner at earlier summer Action Asia trail races. "Oh really happy with my results and the weather was perfect for running so can't complain as was fast paced, but great organized event and happy to win some JBL earbuds' said 2nd place overall Wong in the 22km Womens who finished in 2:46:21.

“We are thrilled to be able to sponsor a physical race the first time in two years. Great to see more than 300 runners taking part and enjoying themselves in the hills of Hong Kong island again. The crisp late autumn weather also contributes to a fine day for a race, and we are glad that everything worked out perfectly," said Mark Tung from Hysan.

Finishing 2nd overall in the Men's 22km was French national Hector Chan. "The race was very good, I felt strong at the end as didn't start too fast and then went faster at the end which helped. Want to thank Hysan and Action asia for this wonderul race as well done" said 2nd overall Chan who finished in 2:28:17.

"Awesome race and elated as thanks to Hysan for putting this on and Action Asia Events for getting permission too make this happen. Beautiful and technical in many sections and the organizaton was awesome. Straff did a great job making this also happen" said Jeremy Sutch who finished 3rd overall in the Men's 22km in 2:30:55.

"That was really tough and a tough training run. A good day as thanks to Hysan and Action Asia for making this happen as amazing JLB headphone prizes and happy sun didn't come out as good weather" said 3rd overall in Women’s 22km, German national Katrin Gottschalk finishing in 2:50:43.

"Nice yes as very nice course and tough towards the end as I thought it would be a little easier on me, but sometimes very technical so a lot of fun and big thanks Action Asia and Hysan as a good course and great atmostphere" said 5th place overall in the Men's 22km Italian national Giuseppe Mollica who finished in 2:34:53.

The weekend’s annual Hysan Island Hike & Run kicked off in Happy Valley Sunday with a few nervous participants taking the fitness challenge for the first time with all following strict pandemic measures including a requirement to be double vaccinated and doing a PCR test within 48 hrs of event.

 The Hysan Island Hike & Run promotes a healthy living through running in some of Hong Kong's most scenic trails. As part of its wider commitment to social initiatives, Hysan and Action Asia Events are proud to promote healthy living and sustainability through this premier hiking and running event every year. Routes for all 3 distance categories including a 5km, 14km and 22km are mainly located inside the Tai Tam Country Park with beautiful scenery and different levels of challenges

The Hysan Island Hike & Run starts and finishes at Green Lane Service reservoir in Happy Valley with the 22km covering 1285m elevation gain and maximum 436m height,, while the 14km category has around 812m elevation gain and 436m maximum height while the 5Km that goes over Violet Hill and covers close 358m elevation gain with a max elevation of 436m.

The Hysan Island Hike & Run could not have happened without the kind support of Hysan Properties, Lee Gardens, Royale International, Action X Store, JBL by Harman, ArFum laundry soap, Watsons water, C3Fit, HKBiji, Herbalgy, Toi Toi and Action Asia Events.


About Action Asia Events

Action Asia Events is the organizer of spectacular, extraordinary remote marathons for adventure travel seekers & trail running enthusiasts.  Having organized over 280 events over the past 21 years Action Asia Events constantly keeps inspiring and pushes the boundaries of adventure travel, ultra-marathon and team building. These responsibilities range from selection of the course venue, dates and race format to raising the funds essential to run the race as well as liaising with environmental non-profits to raise funds.


Top 5 overall Mens - 22km

  1. Ka Keung Chan (Men’s 16-39) HKG - 02:19:31

  2. Hector Chan (Men 40-49) France - 02:28:17

  3. Jeremy Sutch (Men 50+) Ireland - 02:30:55

  4. Seth Hillel Fischer (Men 40-49) Germany - 02:31:51

  5. Giuseppe Mollica (Men 40-49) Italy - 02:34:53


Top 5 overall Womens - 22km

  1. Pui Yan Naomi Fung (Women 16-39) HKG - 02:44:13

  2. Mei yan Wong (Women 16-39) HKG Salomon X The Overlander 02:46:21

  3. Katrin Gottschalk (Women 40-49) Germany Joint Dynamics/Gone Running 02:50:43

  4. Sabrina Ettedgui (Women 16-39) France - 02:51:46

  5. Tina Choy (Women 40-49) UK Move IT 03:03:19


Top 5 overall Men’s - 14km

  1. Kin Wai Yeung (Men 50+) HKG - 01:27:49

  2. Luke Chambers (Men 16-39) South Africa - 01:29:18

  3. Eduardo Valcarce Merayo (Men 16-39) Spain C.A FISIORAMA 01:31:50

  4. Kenshi Kuraya (Men 16-39) Japan - 01:32:05

  5. Jan Souleyman (Men 50+) UK - 01:33:50


Top 5 overall Womens - 14km

  1. Kate Lam (Women 40-49) HKG Team CharSiuSiu 02:00:39

  2. SZE YING JENNIFER CHEUNG (Women 40-49) HKG - 02:03:50

  3. Eleanor Gould-Pereira (Women 16-39) UK - 02:05:14

  4. Sau Wai Law (Women 16-39) HKG - 02:06:28

  5. Rebecca Wright (Women 16-39) UK - 02:14:07


Top 5 overall Mens - 5 km

  1. YIU BONG TAM )Open Men) HKG 男兒綠野行 00:38:18

  2. Wai Lun Ng (Open Men) HKG - 00:39:32

  3. Chun Pong Ho (Open Men) HKG - 00:44:33

  4. Wai Chung Mok (Open Men) HKG - 00:44:42

  5. WAI KIN LIU (Open Men) HKG - 00:44:48


Top 5 overall Womens - 5 km

  1. Chung Yi Lai (Open Women) HKG - 01:01:07

  2. KIN MUI KWONG (Open Women) HKG - 01:04:31

  3. Wan Hei Leung (Open Women) HKG - 01:14:58

  4. Stephy Lam (Open Women) HKG - 01:23:38

  5. Helen Yau (Open Women) China Hysan LG2 Team 01:38:06


Race Info

Event Name

HYSAN Island Hike and Run


Oct 31, 2021(Sunday)

Start Time

8:30 a.m.

Start Location

Green Lane Service Reservoir (Tai Hang Rd & Wang Nai Chung Gap Rd, Happy Valley, Hong Kong Island

Finish Location

Green Lane Service Reservoir (Tai Hang Rd & Wang Nai Chung Gap Rd, Happy Valley, Hong Kong Island


5km, 14km, 22km


Trail Running and Hiking




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