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15 May, 2022

Bad weather doesn't dampen 22km spirits as all relish

Bad weather doesn't dampen 22km spirits as all relish

HONG KONG, May 15, 2022 With many hearing the stories from friends participating in Saturdays 35km & 14km distances at the Sai Kung 50 in association with Goodman, more heavy rain hitting Hong Kong, it surely caused a few to think carefully about how they were going to take on Sundays 22km edition with the event being split into 2 days. 

As reported earlier with pandemic easing, restrictions slowly being lifted and some leading epidemiologists quoted in the news suggesting the pandemic is now endemic, Action Asia Events was granted permission for the already postponed sold out Sai Kung 50 in association with Goodman trail running and Skyrunning event to take place over 2 days.

The Sai Kung 50 was sold out with over 500 participants before the 5th wave started with organizers agreeing to split the event over 2 days with the 54km and 13km on Saturday and the 22km distance on Sunday. Bad weather forced last minute course changes on the 54km course being reduced in distance to 35km and the re-routing of the 13km course to a 14km slightly easier course due to difficult river crossings from 3 days of rain bringing out the true definition of a skyrunning technical course that many had not experienced in Hong Kong before.

With strict hygiene government regulations asking participants to do a PCR test within 48 hours of the race, do a Rapid Antigen Test race morning, having 3 vaccination shots, wear face masks at the start & finish line, organizers Action Asia Events doing temperature tests before the start, no food allowed on the course, enforcement of a distance of 1m away from staff when getting water served by large dispensers and water jugs, hand sanitizer at check points and start/finish, the 35km / 14km got under way with wave starts to separate the participants apart.

The 22km course took participants on a circumnavigation of Sai Kung East Country Park, starting at Pak Tam Chung at sea-level, hiking up the 408m summit of Tai Cham Koi, technical descent to Chek Keng, trail and beach running along Tai Lo Wan, Ham Tin Wan to Sai Wan, then a climb over Lo Tei Tun at 255m summit, before descending to Sai Kung Sai Wan Road back to Pak Tam Chung for a total elevation gain of over 1083m on an extremely technical muddy, wet course.

Frenchman JB Martenet was proud to say he didn’t take a fall as had a good balancing kind of a day powering thru the wet muddy technical downhills going on to take the overall 22km Men’s win. “I just finished the Action Asia 22k and the course was pretty tough, pretty muddy, pretty slippery and full of great fullness that this could happen. Thank you Action Asia and sponsors said winner Martenet finishing in 2 hours 10 minutes 49 seconds.

New Zealander James Park grabbed 2nd overall in the Mens 10 minutes behind Martenet after leading at the first climb over Tai Cham Koi before Martenet caught and passed him. “Fast course today, not too slippery given the amount of rain in a couple of sections, great to be back racing in person, thanks Action Asia for a great morning out” said Park finishing in 2:20:52

Frenchman Alan Zagury was next in third overall in the Men’s 22km. “Living in Hong Kong today was an epic race. I will remember it for falling twice, bumped my head, but perfect, great weather, loved it” said Zagury finishing in 2:27:28.

Just 3 minutes later in 4th overall was Italian national Lorenzo Baldovino who finished in 2:30:38. “The race was awesome. Water was like playing. Really wonderful. A lot of fun. Thank you guys,” said Baldovino.

Adrien Semblat (France) grabbed 5th overall in 2:31:30. “Today was an amazing race, very technical and with the rain, fell 3x, beautiful and cool” said Semblat.

In the Womens 22km distance Vivian Wing Sze Lee from Hong Kong won in 3 hours 2 minutes 31 seconds. “So glad to be out here doing a physical race again.After the 5th wave and after the months of waiting, the weather wasn’t great today the course and the atmosphere was unbeatable. The first part of the trail up the hill was very hard (Tai Cham Koi) exhausting, the downhill part was slippery, holding onto trees on the side, glad I didn’t fall down, but when I got to the flat bit was surprised by the amount of water on the trail and that was just the beginning. When I got to the dam it was just like a river flowing underneath me, but got all the way thru and knocked my head twice drawing a little blood with marshals telling me as had dried to my skin, but glad I got first place and thank you Action Asia” said winner Wing Sze Lee.

Not many come back for a 2nd day in a row unless they are truly the hardcore types like Wong Mei yan who was the previous day’s winner in the 14km and liked the idea of racing both days doing the 22km also on Sunday as she loves running so much. “I was following someone else and then realized something was wrong, backtracked and saw the ribbons and signs going to the beach and guess I should have not followed someone running a bit extra, but still very happy for 2nd. I think the route was slippery from the raining, but if you go slowly at a slower pace it’s good for running. Thank you all making this happen,” said 2nd overall in Women’s Wong Mei Yan from 2 days of racing finishing in 3:08:13 on Sundays 22km..

Third in the Womens 22km was Fely Bejuna (Philippines) finishing in 3:17:48. The race today was great with cool, wet, slippery, hard, technical conditions, loved the course as heavy rain, I survived the course. Thank you Action Asia Events” said Bejuna.

Fourth in the Womens 22km was Aurelie Barat (France) in 3:40:43 race was great today jumping into puddles and trying not to slip on the downhills too much and thanks for organizing Action Asia.

Rounding out the top 5 Women was Hong Kong’s Wing Yee Chan finishing in 3:41:42. “Action Asia this was awesome with the water so high on my legs in some sections but loved it” said the shy Wing Yee Chan with a great smile.

The event was organized by Action Asia Events and is possible thanks to the generous support of it’s associate sponsor Goodman, supported by Bonaqua, Action X Store, Royale International, C3fit, Salonpas, Herbalgy, ITRA, SaveWo, YAS insurance, Running HK, BeKind, New Life Plastics and AutoCamper.

The Sai Kung 50 event could not have happened without the hard-working marshal volunteers & staff that got up as early as 2am to make this event happen.



Position / Bib # / Name / Nationality / Sponsor or Team / Race Time

1. (762) JB Martenet (France) -- 2:10:49
2. (447) James Park (New Zealand) -- 2:20:52
3. (416) Alan Zagury (France) -- 2:27:28
4. (452) Lorenzo Baldovino (Italy) -- 2:30:38
5. (769) Adrien Semblat (France) -- 2:31:30


1 (459) Vivian Wing Sze Lee (HKSAR) -- 3:02:31
2. (775) Mei yan Wong (HKSAR) -- 3:08:13
3. (501) Fely Bejuna (Philippines) -- 3:17:48
4. (675) Aurelie Barat (France) -- 3:40:43
5. (696) Wing Yee Chan (HKSAR) -- 3:41:42

 Race Info

Event Name

Sai Kung 50 in association with Goodman - race 3 of the HK50 Series 2021-2022


Saturday, May 14 & Sunday May 15, 2022

Start Time

Saturday May 14
6:00am - 35 km
7:00am - 14 km
Sunday May 15
6:15am - 22 km

Start & FinishLocation

Pak Tam Chung, N.T. Sai Kung, Hong Kong


35 km (54 km reduced to 35 due to weather)
22 km
14 km (changed from 13km due to high river)


Trail Running and Hiking





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