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29 May, 2022

Shirotake makes 55 look easy in heat while Hahn rolls to Women’s victory

Clear marking helps ease the pain for HK50 West runners

Shirotake makes the 55 look easy in heat while Hahn rolls to Women’s victory

HONG KONG, May 29, 2022 – After more than 2 years the full version of the HK50 West in association with Goodman was finally given permission to a sold out 300 participant race with distances of 55km, 25km and 11km. The Action Asia Event had participants start at Shing Mun reservoir, climb over Hong Kong’s tallest mountain - 917m Tai Mo Shan, descend to the Tai Lam Chung Reservoir, climb halfway back up Tai Mo Shan and descend back to Shing Mun Reservoir for a total elevation gain of 2572m and total elevation loss of 2572m.

Participants had to do a PCR test within 48hrs of the event, perform a RAT test race morning, have 3 vaccination shots to enter, use face masks at start finish area and start the race in waves 5 minutes apart as Covid precautions.

Japanese national Masashi Shirotake took the overall men’s 55km win in 5 hours 46 minutes 53 seconds ahead of Hong Kong’s Wong Kwok Wai who finished 2nd overall in 6:17:29.

"Thanks for the very clear marking, I didn’t get lost. Near top of the hill at Tai Mo Shan it was not hot and so didn’t stop but lower down it became very hot, but still pushed hard. Nice race and thanks to Action Asia and thanks to Goodman and everyone else who helped” said overall 55km Men’s winner Masashi Shirotake.

Second across the finish in the Men’s 55km was Hong Kong’s Nathan Kwok Wai Wong (黃國威) “I was glad to join this Action Asia event today, although it was very hot and humid today, it was great to see those passionate enthusiastic volunteers at the Action Asia checkpoints as really helped me. Super thank you to Action Asia for organizing such a great event and happy I finished this race", said Wong taking 2nd overall in the 55km.

Angelika Hahn (Germany) recent form placing 2nd at the recent Sai Kung 50 two weeks ago obviously paid off on her fitness as won the overall Women’s 55km course in 7 hours 11 minutes 19 seconds. “ I liked it a lot, it was hard of course as end of May, going up to Tai Mo Shan and then after running a marathon was quite hard, but as a lot of the course was shady and beautiful thanks Action Asia and Goodman for making this happen and look forward to the next one” Hahn overall Women’s winner of the HK50 West 55km.

Rhoda Cheung (張詩茵) from Hong Kong (Crazy Running Club) was the top Hong Kong national and 3rd overall in the Women’s 55km in 8 hours 29 minutes 20 seconds. “Oh that was so very hot. I suffered. I think it is time for Action Asia to organize some ocean kayak races as I am ready for the water. Great course as loved it and well organized, well-marked” said Cheung.

In the 25km distance overall Men’s winner Nepalese LIMBU YAMA Nath finished in 2 hours 33 minutes 50 seconds. “Today was very hot weather and glad early start. Enjoyed this Action Asia race as the marking was very good and clear. Very challenging course and I’m so happy to be here” said Limbu.

Wong Mei Yan grabbed the overall 25km Women’s in 3 hours 53 seconds. “The markings were clear. It is hot today with high humidity, therefore I just slowed down to prevent overheating. Going up Tai Mo Shan at start I was still fresh and excited at the beginning therefore the last 7km was harder for me, because I was getting tired and still needed to keep the pace. I am used to waking up early for morning training and racing, therefore it’s alright for me to start early. Thank you so much as I enjoyed the race” said overall 25km Women’s winner Wong.

“Pretty good race today. Good weather. Good run and thank you,” said Nepalese overall 11km winner Kamal Thapa winning in 1 hour 7 minutes 9 seconds just over 1 minute in front of a regular short distance podium finisher UK’s Chris Davis who finished in 1 hour 8 minutes 20 seconds with not an easy race for 11km elites battling thru the wave starts to get near the front in wet humid slippery conditions going up Tai Mo Shan.

In the 11 km Women’s race Swiss national Magdalena Cvetkovic won in 1 hour 29 minutes 48 seconds. “The race was awesome, I was thinking what would happen if we did the course in reverse going up the dry road and then down the slippery technical slope and stairs and happy we didn’t do that so big thank you Action Asia”, said Women’s 11km winner Cvetkovic

Race organizers spent a tremendous amount of time preparing the course throughout the week in heavy rain storms with almost 50 staff on course to make sure safety was not compromised in the sweltering heat encouraging all participants to drink lots. “Glad everything went smoothly and participants loved the course and all the hard work from a fantastic team of staff, marshals and volunteers that put this together as wasn’t easy, but couldn’t have done in without the fantastic support of Goodman and look forward to future events in hopefully cooler temperatures,” said Course designer and Race Director Michael Maddess of Action Asia Events.

Special thanks to Goodman, YAS insurance, Royale International, Bonaqua, Action X Store, ISF, Herbalgy, ITRA, BeKind, SaveWo, Running HK Biji, C3Fit and the beneficiary Ocean Recovery Alliance.


(Full name, Nationality, Time)

55 km men overall top 5 

1. (212) Masashi Shirotake (Japan) - 5:46:53
2. (124) (Nathan) Kwok Wai Wong (黃國威) (HKG) -- 6:17:29
3. (217) Chung Yin Vincent Chan (陳仲賢) (HKG) -- 6:58:50
4. (141) Storme Desvaux de Marigny (South Africa) -- 7:15:12
5. (193) Leo Hui (許俊傑) (HKG) TRab 7:18:24

55 km Women overall top 5

1. (210) Angelika Hahn (Germany) -- 7:11:19
2. (170) Meg Sterling (Australia) -- 8:07:42
3. (145) Rhoda Cheung (張詩茵) (HKG) Crazy Running Club 8:29:20
4. (206) Dolly Vargas (Philippines) 8:58:13
5. (132) Sek Yan Joy Wong (黃惜忻) (HKG) -- 9:22:42

25 km Men overall top 5

1 (405) LIMBU YAMA Nath (Nepal) (Actionpanda/Bix/roamHongkong) 2:33:50
2 (426) Csoban Balogh (Hungary) -- 2:38:29
3 (437) Marc Decamps (Belgium) -- 2:47:38
4 (449) Kin Wai Yeung (楊建威) (HKG) -- 2:48:09
5 (445) Bimalkaji Rai Men (Nepal) -- 2:48:22

25 km Women overall top 5

1. (418) Mei yan Wong (黃美欣) (HKG) -- 3:00:53
2. (341) Pui Yan Naomi Fung (馮珮茵) (HKG) -- 3:07:38
3. (408) Ting Gao (高挺) (China) -- 3:10:48
4. (434) Mei Ting Yau (邱美婷) (HKG) -- 3:24:48
5. (430) Limbu Dil Kumari (India) -- 3:25:53

11 km Men overall top 5
1 (859) Kamal Thapa (Nepal) -- 1:07:09
2 (816) Chris Davis (UK) -- 1:08:20
3 (848) Princedeep Singh (HKG) -- 1:09:55
4 (863) David Budden (UK) -- 1:11:27
5 (807) YIU BONG TAM (譚耀邦) (HKG) 男兒綠野行 1:11:54

11 km Women overall top 5

1. (851) Magdalena Cvetkovic (Switzerland) -- 1:29:48
2. (856) Claire Palmer (UK) -- 1:43:24
3. (862) Man Yee Yu (余萬儀) (HKG) -- 1:52:14
4. (869) Eden Marfil (Philipines) -- 1:55:29
5. (867) Luna Iniego (Philipines) -- 1:57:11


Event Name

HK50 WEST in association with Goodman


29 May 2022 (Sunday)

Start Time

6:00 am wave starts every 5 min

Start & FinishLocation

Shing Mun Reservoir Catchwater, Tsuen Wan


55 km, 25 km, 11 km


Trail Running and Hiking



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