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24 May, 2022

ACL surgery to finishing Goodman Healthy Hike Run in 2nd

Post event by Ada Wang Yuen Suen - participant in 19km Goodman Healthy Hike & Run 2022

Ada: "After the painstaking recovery from ACL and meniscus surgery, I finally managed to back onto the trail. I once doubted if I could manage a trail now given that my agility and strength of my leg muscles have been greatly impaired after the surgery.

But I chose to have a try as i just miss physical race too much. On the race day, I didnt quite get used to the race in the first few miles but managed to fine tune myself in the rest of the course. The results are beyond my expectation and have given me recognition I long for.

Once again, thanks to Action Asia Events and Goodman for organising this event. This course is worth running. I hope more people will join the coming races."


Ada: "今次好開心可以拎到全埸第二,我知道唔少高手選擇參加ActionAsia舉辦嘅其他大賽所以無黎,但我對自己嘅完成時間尚算滿意,而且整個比賽氣氛同安排都好好,賽道亦相當刺激,比賽幾日後已經想再跑多次,希望將來多啲人可以參加到實體賽."


Ada Wang Yuen Suen (王菀瑄) #123 - 02:09:28 - 19km


19km - Overall Women’s Top 5


1. (#121) Veronika Vadovicova (Slovakia)... -- 1:44:50

2. (#123) YUEN SUEN WANG (王菀瑄) (HKSAR) -- 2:09:28

3. (#160) Sherrin Loh (Australia) -- 2:14:27

4. (#122) Hay Kam  (金熙雯) (HKSAR) -- 2:15:47

5. (#175) Woon Ping Leung ( 梁煥平)  (HKSAR) -- 2:17:24

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