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24 May, 2022

Hay Kam - See you all on the trail - Goodman Healthy Hike Run

Post event by Hay Kam - participant in 19km Goodman Healthy Hike & Run 2022

Hay: 'As a runner never fond of virtual race, I must thank Action Asia Events and Goodman for this long awaited physical race. This is my very first race since 2019 and is superbly organised by AAE amidst various hiccups and restrictions during the covid pandemic.

With just a slight climbing of 600m and no technical descents at all, this course is perfect for road runners in need of uphill training. We set off from Tai Tong at 730am on Sunday. I went out quite fast in first few Ks yet paid for it very soon and was finally overtaken by Sherrin in last 3km. Not perfect effort from me but it was a great day out competing with other runners face to face along the stretch of this beautiful trail. I jolly well look forward to more physical races like this in future. See you all on the trail.'

Hay: "好開心終於等到實體賽重來,依啲日子搞比賽好唔容易,多謝actionasia, goodman同所有工作人員。作為跑手,一定鐘意同場競技多過隔空比拼,希望黎緊嘅比賽可以順利進行,跑得幾遠得幾遠."

Hay Kam #122 - 02:15:47 - 19km


19km - Overall Women’s Top 5


1. (#121) Veronika Vadovicova (Slovakia)... -- 1:44:50

2. (#123) YUEN SUEN WANG (王菀瑄) (HKSAR) -- 2:09:28

3. (#160) Sherrin Loh (Australia) -- 2:14:27

4. (#122) Hay Kam  (金熙雯) (HKSAR) -- 2:15:47

5. (#175) Woon Ping Leung ( 梁煥平)  (HKSAR) -- 2:17:24

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