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28 Jan, 2023

Hong Kong runners lower the records as cool conditions ideal - HK50 West

HK50 Series – Race 3 – HK50 West

Race 1 - Oct 22, 2022 - HK50 – Hong Kong Island 50

Race 2 - Dec 10, 2022 - Lantau 50

Race 3 - Jan 28, 2023 – HK50 West

Race 4 - Feb 11, 2023 – Sai Kung 50


Hong Kong 50 West in association with Goodman 2023


Hong Kong runners lower the records as cool conditions ideal at HK50 West

HONG KONG, January 28, 2023 – With health restrictions under cap 599G lifted, chilly conditions at a 630am start, dry trails and the most runnable course out of the 4 race HK 50 series, the HK50 West in association with Goodman got off to a flying start with both male and female records being dropped in the ultra marathon 55km category.

Over 400 participants started the 55km, 25km and 11km distances early morning at Shing Mun reservoir with the 55km category starting in headlamps in the first wave while working their way up to the top of Hong Kong’s tallest mountain Tai Mo Shan with trail runners cresting at around 917m with highlights including a glowing magic sunrise across the horizon giving many a boost of energy in the freezing conditions on top. Heading down into Tai Lam Country Park near Ho Pui, Tai Lam Chung, Tsing Fai Tong the dry conditions made the trails lightening, fast before a final climb half way up Tai Mo Shan again with a final technical descent back to Shing Mun causing some carnage along the way which drew some blood across a few runners taking tumbles from bruised shoulders, cuts across foreheads, knees, elbows and a broken hand.

Trail running is already more extreme than road running, but add the technical trails to keep you entertained, many realize these ultra-marathons are hardcore which has always been in the DNA of Action Asia Events to get people off the normal trails into the unknown and experiencing a real taste of adventure to get the adrenaline pumping. Some call trail running an extreme sport as some or drawn by the beauty and simplicity while others are drawn by constantly wanting to improve times, pushing themselves down technical descents willing to take a serious fall, but that’s where the fun starts as it creates such a wonderful inspiring story.

Winners in all the distances had glowing faces full of praise of the course even though one of the coldest days of the last 12 months in Hong Kong.

Ka Keung 家強 Chan 陳 also known to his friends as ‘KC’ from Hong Kong broke the HK50 West record for this direction winning overall in a smoking time of 5 hours 7 minutes 54 seconds over the 55km course. “It was cold going up Tai Mo Shan but the views and sunrise were incredible. It was a fast day and so glad my friends did well including Ferdinand just behind me as we sometimes train together. Incredible course marking as one of the best I have ever seen as there are hundreds of turns on this course making it very confusing but Action Asia Events did an incredible job as huge thank you as everyone I talked to said the same making for fast times and of course the cool temperatures helped. So happy that international runners can now come to Hong Kong as great the border is open now” said overall male winner Ka Keung Chan.

“I’m so glad to be running today in Hong Kong around Tai Mo Shan area as the weather was really nice and we were able to watch the sunrise come up starting in the dark. After we passed the top of Tai Mo Shan early, there was a graceful particular view and feeling as you could see the city below so clearly, then we ran down into a forest like area of Tai Lam Chung (heading to Ho Pui) which looked like a great place to train as very runnable rolling hills around the reservoir before heading back towards Tai Mo Shan. Really runnable as so nice with new areas many are not familiar with. The course doesn’t have many horrible stairs like other areas of HK so really recommend it to all to try as it was my 2nd time and enjoyed it so much. I was enjoying it so much I almost forgot I was racing” said Hong Kong’s Karen Man Yee 敏儀 Cheung 張 (Cheung Man-yee) the Women’s overall 55km winner and new course record holder for this particular design and direction winning in 6 hours 28 minutes 27 seconds.

The HK50 West in association with Goodman was organized by Action Asia Events that had participants start at Shing Mun reservoir, climb over Hong Kong’s tallest mountain - 917m Tai Mo Shan, descend to the Tai Lam Chung Reservoir, climb halfway back up Tai Mo Shan and descend back to Shing Mun Reservoir for a total elevation gain of 2572m and total elevation loss of 2572m covering 3 distances of 55km, 25km and 11km.

Safety is always taken very seriously and special thanks to the St Johns Ambulance crew that supported the event with many small cuts and scrapes, but as just over Chinese New Year huge thank you to so many of the marshals, staff and volunteers that pushed themselves out of bed to get up to Shing Mun and Tai Mo Shan areas in the dark which is inspiring in itself. And huge thanks to Goodman and all the supporting partners that we could not have done this event without. Look forward to seeing more international participants coming to Hong Kong soon and showing off our great city,” said Course designer and Race Director Michael Maddess of Action Asia Events.

Special thanks to Goodman, Royale International, Bonaqua, Action X Store,, Del Monte, Innocent drinks, ITRA, SaveWo, Auto Camper Battery, Bix Hydration, Gwei-lo beer, Fitz, C3Fit.



55 km Men overall top 5 (Full name, Nationality, Time)

Overall - BIB -First Name - Last Name – Nationality - Team / Sponsor - Race Time

1 (231) Ka Keung 家強 Chan 陳 HKG - 05:07:54

2 (214) Ferdinand Fuk Cheung 福祥 Tsang 曾 HKG - Hill & Heal - 05:11:58

3 (135) Nathan Kwok Wai 國威 Wong 黃 HKG - 05:36:19

4 (197) ROBERT TURNBULL - UK - 05:55:38

5 (179) Victor 軒正 Tsang 曾 Men HKG - 05:58:20


55 km Women overall top 5 (Full name, Nationality, Time)

Overall - BIB -First Name - Last Name – Nationality - Team / Sponsor - Race Time

1 (240) Man Yee 敏儀 Cheung 張 HKG - 06:28:27

2 (224) Angelika Hahn - Germany - 06:55:12

3 (222) Yuen Ching 遠靜 Wong 黃 HKG - 06:59:29

4 (148) Jinko Richards Japan - 07:08:59

5 (125) Alice McLeod UK Gone Runners 07:14:14


25 km Men overall top 5

Overall Category BIB First Name Last Name Nationality Team / Sponsor Race Time

1 (575) Nigel Thomson - New Zealand - 02:22:42

2 (615) Ho Cheung Ronald 澔漳 Chan 陳 - HKG - 02:27:48

3 (672) Yik Ho 亦皜 Wong 黃 - HKG - 02:28:32

4 (556) Louis Montfort - France - 02:37:38

5 (692) Ho Yin 皓然 Yeung 楊 - HKG - 02:37:59


25 km Women overall top 5

Overall Category BIB First Name Last Name Nationality Team / Sponsor Race Time

1 (675) Mei Yan 美欣 Wong 黃 - HKG - 02:48:22

2 (702) Pui Yan Naomi 珮茵 Fung 馮 - HKG - 03:01:20

3 (660) Ho Ying 可瀅 Chau 周 - HKG - 03:02:58

4 (664) Cho Yu 楚如 Lam 林 - HKG - 03:07:12

5 (563) Katherine 嘉琦 Lim 林 - HKG - Greenobo 03:11:22


11 km Men overall top 5

Overall Category BIB First Name Last Name Nationality Team / Sponsor Race Time

1 (869) Yeung Lui 楊壘 Lai 黎 - HKG - 00:59:31

2 (826) Chris Davis - UK - 01:04:40

3 (862) Shiu Lun 肇麟 Yeung 楊 - HKG Launch8 01:05:23

4 (867) Jan Souleyman - UK -  01:06:27

5 (886) Ben Le Neve-Foster - UK -  01:06:28


11 km Women overall top 5

Overall Category BIB First Name Last Name Nationality Team / Sponsor Race Time

1 (817) Evelyn 凱欣 Chan 陳 - HKG - 01:24:52

2 (857) Laetitia MONTFORT - France - 01:24:59

3 (883) Laura Jane Ayres - UK - 01:40:47

4 (801) Yuen Yan Josephine 琬昕 Chan 陳 - UK - 01:42:06

5 (888) Man Yee 萬儀 Yu 余 - HKG - 01:42:33



Race Info


Event Name

HK50 WEST in association with Goodman - 2023


January 28 2023 (Saturday)

Start Time

6:30 am – 55km, 6:40am – 25km, 6:50 – 11km

Start & FinishLocation

Shing Mun Reservoir Catchwater, Tsuen Wan


55 km, 25 km, 11 km


Trail Running and Hiking




About Action Asia Events

Action Asia Events is the organizer of spectacular, extraordinary remote marathons for adventure travel seekers & trail running enthusiasts that inspire and push the boundaries of participants. Having organized over 290 events over the past 23 years Action Asia Events constantly keeps inspiring and pushes the boundaries of adventure travel, ultra-marathon and team building. Responsibilities range from designing courses, selection of the venue, dates and race format to raising the funds essential to run the race as well as liaising with NGO’s and non-profits for fund raising activities related to environment, education and health.


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