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06 Jul, 2023

Harmony with nature, solitude, and barren terrain at Mongolia Action Asia Ultra

Harmony with nature, solitude, and barren terrain at Mongolia Action Asia Ultra

Those participants wanting that inner peace were rewarded with unlimited barren terrain in the West Gobi at this year’s Mongolia Action Asia 3 day ultra marathon stage event, the first overseas event since the pandemic for Action Asia Events as everything was put on hold since 2020.

Participants conquered open grass steppes, sand dunes, rocky technical formations, and a mixture of some stunning grass rock type surfaces that even us as organizers don’t know how to describe, other than you definitely won’t find this type of terrain in the city which is one reason for so many positive comments at the 2023 edition.

Storme Desvaux De Marigny (South Africa) described the experience beautifully saying “Spiritual, unique, the diversity that was packed into 3 days, is as trail runners you always expect the worst to come, but this was endless, endless expectations that I could never, ever have dreamed of. From the air temperature quality, weather, the terrain, from swamps to beautiful open grass lands, sand dunes, to rocky terrain, oh, to wilderness around you, birds, vultures, caines, eagles and great comradery, incredible marshals, the Mongolian people were exceptional, Michael and his team put on the most awesome 3 days, I don’t know how they did it too be completely honest, but feels like a true privilege to be here. And yeah, just honored to be welcomed into the team and can’t wait for the next one. Thank you, Action Asia as incredible time” said the overall winner finishing the 100km stage event in a total time of 12 hours 49 minutes over the 3 days.

Rebecca O'Connor (Ireland) had the lucky clover on her side finishing 2nd overall in the women’s 100km in 17 hours while smiling along the way adding, “It was stunning views, challenging terrain at times, but really rewarding when you get in and the hot showers at the end were phenomenal and unexpected. I wasn’t expecting such different terrain within such proximity of each area and like being able to run thru the desert sand dunes for an hour and a half and then open green plains with their horses, goats, cows and whatever else was roaming the place. It was just a really nice experience”.

Bas Van Der Schaaf (Netherlands) describes how he pushed thru the Mongolian Action Asia 100km course. “Overall a great experience, a great track, great trail, the wildlife, the whole group. The whole experience was just great. What can I say, it was just good. Mountains, sand dunes, swamps, grass, it was very diverse. It was just great, challenging, but a lot of fun. The dunes were mentally challenging, soaking wet feet after the grass lands, then chunky muddy feet entering the sand, but it was good. Not measuring time, not measuring distance is good for me, just following the markings, its just tough, but I do listen to music, so that might take me a bit out of nature, but not measuring is better for me as also it’s kind of demoralizing when you think it’s a few kilometers more and something else so prefer to just be out there. So it’s good, just follow the trail, follow the markings, enjoy the surroundings and at some point you’ll be back”, said Van Der Schaaf finishing the 3 day ultra marathon in 15 hours 26 minutes.

Sharon Johanna Catharina te Loeke from the Netherlands finished the overall 60km in 11 hours 40 minutes taking the overall women’s title saying, “All 3 days were absolutely epic. I mean everyday has been totally, different and completely different experience. Whether it’s the whole course or race, epic views, the wildlife, definitely an unforgettable weekend. Will definitely, tell my friends I survived”.

Experienced traveler, Ivy Yeung entered the 60km and was full of praise saying, “It was really good. Mongolia was really good, and the course was really well designed. The variety of views was gorgeous. At the end of day 3, I felt like a new person and super energetic. I will definitely, tell my friends to sign up for Action Asia as this is awesome”.

The surprise of the 3 days was 13-year-old Leung King Chung (Hong Kong) finishing with his mom Lena Tsang (Hong Kong) in 18 hours 58 minutes in the 100km category which is the youngest ever participant in the history of Action Asia 3 day stage events which started around 2010. When the 13 year old was asked after day 1 how the first 40km went for him, King Chung replied, “oh that was easy” ….. We’re guessing he must get his endurance from his mom as very confident. Look out for this rising star.

“What an experience as some of the participants beautifully mentioned, being out in the wilderness, the silence when you are used to city noise definitely has an effect on you pulling oneself back to nature. Loved everything about this event, the people participating, the hard-working marshals, staff, doctors, MIAT airline for the safe journey and being so punctual, Royale International for their logistic help and so many others that made this such an amazing experience, as looking forward to 2024” said Michael Maddess the course designer for Action Asia Events.

A true unforgettable journey and epic adventure for all over the 3-day ultra marathon stage event with so much to offer as many commented about changing barren terrain in the southwest Gobi.

Hope some of these comments will inspire you to get outside, find some solitude and sign up for our next Action Asia 3 day ultra marathon which is quite evenly split between hikers and runners if you are curious.

Look out for a different location for the next Mongolia Action Asia 3-day Ultra Marathon stage expedition race as we like to rotate around the country to different locations every year.

Can find all our stage events (and 1-day events) at www.actionasiaevents.com to put you in that special state.

Photos of the Mongolia Action Asia event can be found on the Facebook album section at -  https://www.facebook.com/ActionAsiaEvent/photos_albums


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