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04 Mar, 2023

Wong Ho-Chung and Shirley Hung win the Goodman Healthy Hike & Run

 Wong Ho-Chung and Shirley Hung win the Goodman Healthy Hike & Run

HONG KONG, [March 4, 2023] – This year’s Goodman Healthy Hike & Run was successfully held at the Tai Lam Country park on Saturday, March 4. With travel borders reopened and COVID restrictions eased, the race saw more than 500 participants, a 20% increase over last years race. Runners competed under three categories – 5km, 13km and 19km, all enjoying the spectacular view of the Tai Lam Chung Reservoir, commonly known as the ‘Thousand Islands Lake’. For the first time since the pandemic, the runners were joined by spectators on the course and at the finish line. The Goodman Healthy Hike & Run promotes the beautiful hiking trails around Hong Kong and supports environmental initiatives such as “leave no trace”.

Race Results

The results reflected a tight race across all categories. In the 19km run, Wong Ho-Chung, the male winner from Hong Kong and Shirley Cornelia Hung the Women’s winner from Hong Kong were crowned champions with a winning time of 1:29:09 and 1:57:30 respectively.

Hong Kong’s Wong Ho-Chung was excited to bring home the title. “It was a fun race and I really enjoyed running along this beautiful trail in today’s Goodman Healthy Hike & Run organized by Action Asia Events. So happy as had a very good race and came out champion as fast course and so competitive with many runners. Rex, Ying and myself were quite close” said Wong after catching his breath from a full out battle with others on the rolling 19km course around Tai Lam Chung just a week after completing a team win at the 100km trailwalker.

Just seconds later and second overall in the Men’s 19km from the Peak Hunter training team was Hong Kong’s Rex Lo finishing in 1:29:48. Rex is no stranger to the podium as in November 2022 was overall champion at his debut Action Asia race on Hong Kong Island last year. “Really happy about how this event went supported by Goodman and organized by Action Asia Events”  Lo briefly held the lead and was towing with Wong Ho-Chung and Ying Tsang Chun-kit for the whole 19km loop in a blistering pace on the rolling hill course following a long section of the Yuen Tuen Ancient trail. Lo continued, “The weather was not too hot and not too cold as just perfect. Great day out with so many people” Lo said after finishing 2nd overall and a big future ahead of him.

Third overall in Men’s 19km was Hong Kong’s Ying Tsang Chun-kit. “I’m good, and love to run with my friends like Ho Chung, as long time no run with him. This course is my favorite course, because I live near Tuen Mun & Yuen Long many years, and the course so natural & nice to run, I love Yuen Tuen country trail part, because there have rolling sections can rest & push. I think that pace not so fast is good for them (Wong Ho Chung & Rex Lo) too, of course can’t keep that pace for a 50-100 race as that would be too fast” said Tsang after a blistering 19km overall 3rd result finishing in 1 hour 30 minutes 28 seconds .

Claiming the top spot in the Women’s 19km run, Shirley Cornelia Hung (Hong Kong) said she was happy to see both familiar and new faces in the race. “Happy I just finished the Goodman race. It’s great to see that Hong Kong has regained its lively spirit, and it was a truly remarkable experience to have competed with these talented runners from everywhere. A great event as usual. I signed up last minute (the day before the race) and thought this was a really good route, a route that I’m familiar with and turned out great, weather was great and so much fun," said Hung reflecting on the dry, fast conditions with a 7:30am start helping.”  

Just 33 seconds behind was second overall in the Women’s 19km was Sophie Hedou (France) finishing close behind in 1:58:03. “Wanted to thank the Goodman Healthy Hike & Run and Action Asia Events for welcoming me to Hong Kong. This is my first time in this kind of race as I just arrived in Hong Kong having only been here for 2 months as just arrived from France. First time participating in this kind of race. The organization was great. Just perfect. It was amazing” said Hedou who grabbed 3rd overall.

Third overall in Womens’s 19km was Dolly Vargas (Phillippines). “The course was really good and the weather was really good for this type of race course and huge thanks to Goodman for making this race happen”, said Vargas grabbing 3rd overall in 2 hours 7 minutes 13 minutes.

Run Responsibly and Sustainably 

To enhance the enjoyment of the hike and run journey and reduce waste fruit and water were provided at checkpoints and the finish line, with runners required to bring their own bottles or flasks. Under the ‘leave no trace’ initiative, the equivalent of 1,200 paper cups were saved during this year’s event and 15 bags of waste were recycled. 

Kristoffer Harvey, Chief Executive Officer, Greater China at Goodman Group, said: “Congratulations to Action Asia on hosting this amazing event with such a great turnout this year. We want to thank our colleagues, partners, all the participants, and their families for taking part in this sustainable race. We hope our continued support will create a positive impact on the community and encourage more people to care for the environment and embrace sustainability in their lives.”

Michael Maddess, Director of Action Asia Events, said: “The race was a huge success, and we are happy to welcome all runners once again. Congratulations to all the winners — very well deserved! We are grateful to Goodman for making this event possible. It is a source of pride for us to partner with a company that sees investment in sustainability, health and wellbeing as a priority. We are proud to be bringing races to Hong Kong where we can incorporate recycling and waste reduction during the race itself.”  

The Goodman Healthy Hike & Run set off from Tai Tong Shan Road BBQ area at 7:30 am with the 19km/ 13km/ 5km races in a row. The event is organised by Action Asia Events, with generous support from title sponsor Goodman Group, as well as partners including Royale International, Action X Store, Watsons Water, Del Monte, C3fit, Gwei·lo non-alcohol beer, BIX Hydration, Innocent fruit smoothies, CEO House, Singha beer, Savewo, Auto-camper battery, St Johns Ambulance, Pocari Sweat, New Life Plastics and Ocean Recovery Alliance.

19km - Overall Men’s Top 5

Overall Category BIB First Name Last Name Category Nationality Team / Sponsor Race Time

1 (191) Ho Chung 浩聰 Wong 黃 Men 14-39 HKG The North Face Adventure Team 01:29:09

2 (194) Rex 樂賢 Lo 羅 Men 14-39 HKG TPH 01:29:48

3 (162) Ying Chun kit 進傑 Tsang 曾 Men 14-39 HKG - 01:30:28

4 (156) Matthew Carey Men 14-39 UK KipMovin' 01:33:24

5 (311) Plato 卓廷 Luk 陸 Men 14-39 HKG - 01:33:40

19km - Overall Women’s Top 5

Overall Category BIB First Name Last Name Category Nationality Team / Sponsor Race Time

1 (333) Shirley Cornelia 雪如 Hung 熊 Women 14-39 HKG - 01:57:30

2 (328) Sophie Hedou Women 14-39 France - 01:58:03

3 (316) Dolly Vargas Women 40-49 Philippines - 02:07:13

4 (183) Sofie Jacobs Women 40-49 Belgium Southsode OCR 02:07:20

5 (190) Charlotte Mulliner Women 14-39 UK - 02:12:01

13km - Overall Men’s Top 5

Overall Category BIB First Name Last Name Category Nationality Team / Sponsor Race Time

1 (663) Chun Yin 俊彥 Lo 羅 Men 14-39 HKG RRAC 01:04:06

2 (579) Kwong Hang 光恆 Leung 梁 Men 40-49 HKG BIX HK 01:04:37

3 (670) Louis Montfort Men 14-39 France - 01:05:05

4 (512) Creighton Connolly Men 14-39 Canada Gone Runners 01:06:18

5 (564) Jan Souleyman Men 50+ UK - 01:07:53

13km - Overall Women’s Top 5

Overall Category BIB First Name Last Name Category Nationality Team / Sponsor Race Time

1 (611) Kimberlee Isom Women 40-49 US - 01:20:41

2 (617) Nia Cooper Women 40-49 UK - 01:20:59

3 (638) Laetitia Montfort Women 14-39 France - 01:24:49

4 (627) Phoebe 巧臻 Mak 麥 Women 14-39 HKG - 01:25:20

5 (521) Ming Chu 明珠 Yuen 阮 Women 14-39 HKG - 01:25:38

5km - Overall Men’s Top 5 (provisional as changing now - update soon)

Overall Category BIB First Name Last Name Category Nationality Team / Sponsor Race Time

1 (806) Siu Ao 兆鰲 Tsang 曾 Open Men HKG - 00:25:40

2 (850) Yin For 燕科 Ng 吳 Open Men HKG - 00:25:50

3 (814) Cheuk yiu janos 卓耀 Au 區 Open Men HKG - 00:26:00

4 (833) Kwok on 國安 Hui 許 Open Men HKG - 00:26:28

5 (829) LONG KI 朗奇 MO 毛 Open Men HKG - 00:26:36

5km - Overall Women’s Top 5

Overall Category BIB First Name Last Name Category Nationality Team / Sponsor Race Time

1 (844) Yau Kan 佑勤 Ng 吳 Open Women HKG - 00:30:52

2 (856) Emma 展慧 Leung 梁 Open Women UK - 00:37:49

3 (857) Nuo 諾 Chen 陈 Open Women China - 00:40:59

4 (807) Maureen Corpuz Open Women Philippines - 00:43:22

5 (863) Katie Moran Open Women US - 00:44:33

5km - Overall Top 3 Family Team

Overall Category First Name Last Name / Team name Race Time

1 Dylan Baram & Derek Baram - Baram Boys 00:30:29

2 Devin James Kennington & William James Kennington - 00:31:02

3 Damon Lau & Ellman Lau - Lava 00:32:10

Race Info 

Event Name: 

Goodman Healthy Hike and Run 2023


Saturday, March 4, 2023


5km, 13km, 19km

Start Time:

7.30am (19km) 7.40am (13km/5km)

Start Location:

Tai Tong Shan Road BBQ area (500m above Po Leung Kuk), Tai Lam, NT, Hong Kong


Hiking and trail running options

Course Information:



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Action Asia Events is the organizer of spectacular, extraordinary remote marathons for adventure travel seekers & trail running enthusiasts that inspire and push the boundaries of participants. Having organized over 290 events over the past 23 years Action Asia Events constantly keeps inspiring and pushes the boundaries of adventure travel, ultra-marathon and team building. Responsibilities range from designing courses, selection of the venue, dates and race format to raising the funds essential to run the race as well as liaising with NGO’s and non-profits for fund raising activities related to environment, education and health.

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