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19 May, 2024

Wong & Zhu Sprint finish - Carey puts the hammer down

Wong and Zhu to the wire for Women in Action Sprint final with Carey hammering it to take Men’s win

Action Sprint Trail Series - Discovery Bay – Race 3

HONG KONG, Sunday, May 19th, 2024 – It was an exciting finish in the Women’s race with Hong Kong’s Wong 黃 Mei Yan 美欣 and Zhu 朱 Xiaoqian 笑倩 putting the hammer down in the last 100m with inches separating both with Wong squeaking ahead in 1 hour 30 minutes 56 seconds on the 12km technical mountain trail course at the Action Sprint Discovery Bay, the final of the 3 race series which saw participants compete earlier in Sai Kung and Repulse Bay legs.

In the Men’s UK national Matthew Carey used his home turf advantage to open a small gap on the technical downhill and hold a small lead of around 1 minute which opened to 2 minutes to win his first race of this year’s Sprints in 1 hour 12 minutes 51 seconds after coming 2nd place overall in the last Repulse Bay Action Sprint 14km race and 6th place in the Sai Kung 18km Action Sprint improving every race.

Race 3, the final leg of the Action Sprint trail series by Action Asia Events kicked off in Discovery Bay, Lantau Island with over 430 entered with participants starting in the South Plaza, ascending immediately 465m Lo Fu Tau (Tigers Head), screaming down a narrow technical descent to the reservoir, a technical contour trail around the golf course, coasteering in water and the beach for around 300m at Nim Shu Wan before a Sprint to the South plaza finish with total elevation gain of almost 675m packed into 12km and 358m elevation gain in the 9km.

Overall winner Matthew Carey stormed down the technical section of Lo Fu Tau putting the hammer down after the checkpoint trying to open up a gap and slightly different strategy than the first 2 races where Matt came 2nd overall in each race. “The course was great and really, well marked. The section after the reservoir was technical and clear so normally not runnable but today super clear and could get some good speed in there which I needed as with Jason Chan on my tail really had to push on the descents today. I knew I was going to get wet on the coastline as did last year, and this year went a little slower into the water, cautiously and had a bit of fun. Thanks again for great race” said overall winner Matt in the Men’s 12km.

Nepalese national Limbu (Nugo) Yamanath moved up on the last section of the course to get 2nd overall after a strong push on the more technical and beach sections. “The weather was good. Very good as fast pace. Of course I tried my best. So happy with 2nd overall. Great Action Asia as such a nice route, marking so good and clear, marshals nice. Well done. See you soon”, said Yamanath the overall 2nd place finisher in the Men’s 12km Action Sprint finishing in 1 hour 15 minutes 18 seconds.

Third place overall in the Men’s 12km was British national Tommy 耀民 Yeung 楊 finishing in 01:18:23. Great course, technical on the descent and in different areas, loved the coastline and thanks so much Action Asia for putting on a great race” said Yeung.

Hong Kong’s Wong 黃 Mei Yan 美欣 broke with the road running training and put her fitness to good use winning the overall 12km Women’s, but not without a strong battle with Zhu sprinting together the last 100m to the finish and almost a photo finish just squeaking in front of Zhu. “Oh that was a hard finish. Very happy to join this race as have joined the DB Action Sprint before, but felt the downhill was very technical, had to be careful, but I took my time going slowly and saved the energy for the easier sections pushing harder. I wanted to finish safely. The water coastline section on the last couple kilometers was cool and nice relief getting wet as temperature was getting hot so a nice deservced break and was happy to jump into the water as was almost chest deep on me” said overall Women’s winner Wong mei-yan.

Zhu 朱 Xiaoqian 笑倩 had to settle for 2nd but was happy battling such a strong runner like Wong. “My second time in the Action Sprint after taking 2nd in Repulse Bay and 2nd place again as Mei-yan is such a good runner and strong on the accents. The downhill descents were hard, but felt strong. Ocean coastline was around 1 m high as up to my waist, but enjoyed as was getting hot. Look forward to the next Action Asia race” said Zhu after grabbing 2nd overall in the Women’s 12km Action Sprint Discovery Bay.

Third place overall in the Women’s 12km was Dong 董 Chaoling 朝玲 (China) who also grabbed 3rd overall in Repulse Bay Action Sprint. “Today was very meaningful as the course just keeps going up and up after the start going immediately to the top of the 465m Lo Fu Tau. Beautiful and nice going down to the reservoir with nice views, but hard on the body as must train well for this kind of race. Very difficult on downhill as narrow single track trails and had to be careful that I didn’t fall. The section after that contouring around golf course was ok, but when saw ocean coastline and found out we had to jump in was very happy as so tired. Will definitely recommend to friends and enter Lantau 2 Peaks coming October”, said Dong after grabbing 3rd in 1 hour 31 minutes.

Chris Davis kept his sweep alive winning an unprecedented amount of short distance Sprints taking the 9km overall Men’s in 51 minutes 55 seconds with Nicole Chau taking the overall Women’s 9km in 1 hour 4 minutes 16 seconds.

The event is possible due to the generous support of Hong Kong Resorts, Royale International, Bonaqua, Aquarius, Action X Store, C3fit, Fitz, St Johns Ambulance, Action Asia Sports Academy and all the staff, marshals and volunteers that worked so hard making the DB Action Sprint a huge success with many participants wanting to try new Action Asia races after the positive feedback.

Race Results

12km - Top 5 Men

Name - Nationality - Team/Sponsor - Finishing Time

1. (145)- Matthew Carey - UK - 01:12:51

2. (396) – Rajendra Limbu - Nepal - 01:15:18

3. (349) – Tommy 耀民  Yeung 楊 – British -  01:18:23

4. (103) – John Cove -UK -  01:18:36

5. (265) – Chan 陳 Chi Keung 自強 - HKSAR - 01:19:19

12km - Top 5 Women

Name - Nationality - Team/Sponsor - Finishing Time

1. (230) – Wong 黃 Mei Yan 美欣 - HKG - 01:30:56

2. (340) – Zhu 朱 Xiaoqian 笑倩- CHN - 01:30:57

3. (273) - Dong 董 Chaoling 朝玲- CHN - 01:31:00

4. (322) – Tsang 曾 Yung Hin 融軒, Genevieve - HKG - 01:36:48

5. (146) -Ellen Montanari-  HKG- 01:37:34

9km - Top 5 Men

Name - Nationality - Team/Sponsor - Finishing Time

1 (520) Davis Chris - HKSAR - 00:51:55

2 (628) Yick Glen - HKSAR - 00:54:01

3 (538) Wong 王 Alfie 群揚 - HKSAR - 00:55:29

4 (593) Lorenzon Francis - France - 00:56:46

5 (630) Ng 吳 Ki Wai 棋煒 - HKSAR - 00:58:05

9km - Top 5 Women

Name - Nationality - Team/Sponsor - Finishing Time

1 (610) Chau 周 Nicole 樂 - HKSAR - 01:04:16

2 (526) Cabania Ma Aurora - HKSAR - 01:12:26

3 (636) Vaso Alina - Philippines - 01:12:55

4 (632) Jifsy Sibayan - HKSAR - 01:18:37

5 (521) Murphy Lesley - HKSAR - 01:20:07

Race Info

Event Name

Action SPRINT Trail Race – Discovery Bay (Race 3 of Series)


May 19, 2024 (Sunday)

Start Time

8:15 am

Start / Finish Location

Discovery Bay Plaza, Discovery Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong


12 km and 9km


Hiking and Trail Running




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