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Oct 14 / 2013

Training tips for MSIG HK50 and Ultras by Guido

Training and preparing for MSIG HK50 series

Training tips for long distance trail races

You should aim to feel good after finishing your race.

To prepare for it you can simulate race conditions during your training both in terms of distance and time on your feet.

Also try to condition yourself for your hydration and nutrition needs. It’s a good idea to keep it simple and natural for example water, fruit and nuts are just fine. If you practice it a few times before, your race will feel just like another training run, training is racing & racing is training.

Here’s something very important: if you’re injured or feel pain - stop. You can’t run off a running injury. Most of them will take time to heal and more so if you continue running after your body sent you its signals. Don’t use modern medicine or drugs. If something hurts it’s time to relax. Cure yourself from within by taking in healing foods which work for you.

It’s also important to vary your course, intensity, altitude, climate, food, shoes and times for your training runs - the more tolerance you build the better you’ll be able to compete in adverse conditions.

Lastly be mindful of your running form. Be gentle and graceful on your feet. A good way to practice is with Luna Sandals on short and focused runs. They’ll help strengthening your bones, muscles and ligaments so you can be at your best for your next race.

Enjoy the process and see you out on the trails!

'Guido Bontempi'

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