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26 Apr, 2015

Eight weeks to the race

So, you have less than four weeks to prepare for your first three day ultra marathon…

April 24, 2015
Eight Weeks To The Race
by Dr. David Cosman, for Action Asia Events Website           

Your training checklist for 3 days in Mongolia (off-road/mountain ultra marathon with technical challenges) is probably quite thorough.  My advice is this:  Don’t assume that the basics are beneath you.  Effective and efficient basics can be far different than what many recreational runners are familiar with.

Technique Basics:
A common problem after the first race-day is pesky knee pain (patella tendon and/or ITB irritation).  While providing therapy services at many Action Asia Events races, the knee-afflicted group would gather around the campfire, and I would share some sports-science basics of running technique.  For most of these athletes, the information and mini workshop was implemented next day, and their running became more efficient, with instant reduction of knee stress and symptoms.   I advise runners to not wait and see what happens at the end of the first day, because these common problems can be prevented with preventative running wisdom and management implemented now, during training, well before the race.  

Other Basics:
In mid May 2015, I will lecture on the specifics of this “wisdom” to the Mongolia race participants at an AAE lecture, four weeks before the race. We will discuss technique basics, the inside story on foot orthotics, and other subjects such as hydration myths and truths.  We can also discuss much of the following:  

•    Hydrate for a race the same as you should hydrate for training.  Don’t “top up” pre-race with sugar, sodium & potassium.
•    Inefficient technique results in sluggishness and possible injuries.
•    If you run with no specific technique, then you either have no technique, or you are “born to run” like a cheetah.
•    The technique that you race with should be developed during training and used in the race.
•    Efficient running technique involves a few basic fundamentals.  Most people are not aware of these basics.
•    Running is a sport; any sport requires technique.  I have taught basic fundamentals of running since 1985.
•    Training for a race requires a blend of strength/endurance, speed, and tempo.  
•    Tempo and interval running are different species / kettles of fish.
•    The task at hand during training and racing is running; concentrate on running, not on the music or your job.

Q:  Is the injury muscular, joint, nerve, fascia or is it a misalignment problem?
 A:  Usually all of the above; they all affect each other. We implement combination therapies specific for the case.

Q:  There are many doctors and therapists in Hong Kong; what are Dr. Cosman’s qualifications?  
A:  Thanks for asking.  I am a registered doctor of chiropractor in HK with special interest in sports science and sports injuries.

To register for Dr. Cosman’s  pre-race lecture, please email us at enquiry@actionasiaevents.com
Remember, knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit.  Wisdom is knowing not to put tomatoes in a fruit salad.

Dr. David Cosman is the official chiropractor and therapy provider at Action Asia Events races.  Dr. Cosman has worked in athletics since 1984 at levels ranging from novice to world class. Other sports covered by DC includes tennis, boxing, bobsleigh, skeleton,  basketball, windsurfing, golfing, swimming, diving, and water polo.




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