28 Nov-31 Dec, 2020


2020- Lantau 50 Virtual 16km/27km

 28 Nov-31 Dec, 2020
 Lantau, Hong Kong Trail hike and run options

Overview 精華片段

Lantau 50 Virtual Nov 28 - Dec 31, 2020 -(extended as some didn't see email) 5 different options as run the 3 distances (16km or 27km or 54km) anywhere you choose - flat or mountains ok or choose the 2 distances of 16km / 27km actual course. We decided that as the 54km goes way out on the Keung Shan ridgeline and not everyone knows how to get water from a river it could be dangerous for some so we will eliminate this category for safety reasons.

The actual race will be moved to Sat March 27, 2021 due to social distancing measures (unless of course a miracle happens and quota goes above 200 by December which we highly doubt - then yes the real event would also happen as with the virtual event.

ACTUAL COURSE 16公里, 27公里 OR ANYWHERE 16公里, 27公里, 54公里