10 Mar, 2019


2019 - Healthy Hike & Run

 10 Mar, 2019
 Tai Tong Shan, Tai Lam, N.T., Hong Kong Trail hike and run options

Volunteer 義工

Want to be the volunteer for Healthy Hike & Run?



Duties include:
- Course marshal (Direct participants and ensure safety on course)
- Check Point Support (Food and drink distribution, timing support, photography and video, first aid)
- Start/Finish Support (Food and drink distribution, timing support, race registration, luggage handling, assist prize ceremony, give out race souvenir, media support and assist, photography and video, first aid)
- Race venue set up (Set up Start/Finish and Check Point before race in early hours)
- Sweepers (Follow last runner, clean up signages and ribbons on course)
- Forerunner (Check and ensure signages and ribbons on course are correct set up)
- Course marking (Set up signages and ribbons before race day)

- 賽道糾察 (向參加者指示方向及賽道安全)
- 檢查點支援 (向參加者提供食品及飲品、計時支援、攝影及攝錄、急救)
- 起點/終點支援 (向參加者提供食品及飲品、計時支援、比賽登記、行李處理、頒獎禮協助、向參加者派發記念品、媒體支援及協助、攝影及攝錄、急救)
- 比賽場地設置 (於比賽前協助設置起點/終點及檢查點)
- 掃尾 (跟隨最後參加者、清除賽道路標及絲帶)
- 賽道檢查及補標 (賽前及比賽期間檢查及確保賽道路標及絲帶正確)
- 掛標 (於賽前在賽道設置路標及絲帶)


Volunteer Benefits:
Volunteer can either get HKD$50 transport allowance or free entry of AAE's race in Hong Kong for entry fee HKD$400 or less (Volunteers can also have choice of getting the entry for race with entry fee more than HKD$400 by paying the price difference of entry fee). Please refer below for terms and conditions for volunteer getting free quota below. 
- Snack, fruit, and water (Bring your own water bottle)
- Gift, food, & drink from sponsor (If available)
- Volunteer Certificate (email volunteer on request) 
- Shuttle bus to Start (Depends on duty schedule)

$50港元交通津貼 或 在香港舉行的動感亞洲活動比賽免費名額一個(報名費$400港元或以下),義工可選報名費$400港元以上的比賽,但須補付報名費的差價。有關使用義工名額的詳細安排,請參閱本頁的義工使用免費名額的細則。
- 小食、水果及水 (請自備水樽)
- 贊助商提供的禮品、食物及飲品 (如有)
- 義工証書 (以電郵傳遞,如義工需要) 
- 大會巴士接送至起點 (視乎當席時間及安排)

Individual volunteer and group volunteer are welcomed. Please fill in the following form, or email vol@actionasiaevents.com with your contact information and preference of duties.

歡迎個人或團體成為比賽義工。請填寫此表格 ,或將聯絡資料及希望擔任的崗位電郵至 vol@actionasiaevents.com。


Terms and Conditions about free quota for volunteer
-Volunteer need to make the decision for the choice of having transport allowance or entry on or before the race day for volunteering 
-Volunteer can choose any Action Asia Events' race in Hong Kong to be held within 12 months after volunteering 
-Volunteer should email vol@actionasiaevents.com about requesting the entry at least 3 weeks before race day. AAE will reply for the registration details.
-Volunteers can have choice of getting the entry for race with entry fee more than HKD$400 by paying the price difference of entry fee
-Entry fee value for free entry is calculated on the date of registration complete. 
-Entry will not be arranged for race which is full.
-Entry for volunteer is non-transferable.
-No refund will be made for the entry of volunteer.
- Entry is only for individual category of a race.

- 義工須於擔任比賽當日或前確定領取交通津貼或將使用名額。 
- 義工可選擇擔任義工後12個月內的動感亞洲活動在香港舉行的比賽使用名額。
- 義工須於希望使用名額的比賽舉行不少於3星期前以電郵通知vol@actionasiaevents.com提出要求,動感亞洲活動將回覆有關登記詳情。
- 義工可選報名費$400港元以上的比賽,但須補付報名費的差價。
- 名額的報名費以登記日期為準。
- 名額只限未滿額之比賽
- 名額不可轉讓
- 名額不設退款安排
- 名額只限個人組別使用