09 Nov, 2019


2019 - Taiwan Action Asia 50

 09 Nov, 2019
 Shihmen Reservoir, Taoyuan County Trail run

Mandatory Equipment List 必須裝備

-最少1.5 公升食水(兩公升更佳),建議使用類似camelbak款式之水袋
-輕型防水風褸/雨衣如Salomon, North Face, Icebreaker等品牌
-跑鞋(建議穿著越野跑鞋 – 良好抓地功能)如Inov-8, Salomon, North Face, Hoka等品牌


-能量食物 (乾果、能量棒等)



*Mandatory equipment to be carried when racing – per person

- hydration system (min 1 litre capacity) camelbak style drinking system (1.5 - 2 LITRE RECOMMENDED)
- telephone in waterproof case / bag with fully charged battery with spare battery
- Rain or spray jacket (lightweight Salomon, North Face, Icebreaker recommended)
- Running shoes - Trail running shoes with good grip recommended (example - Inov-8, Salomon, North Face, Hoka)
- Food/energy bars/dried fruit/nuts etc to get you thru 4-12 hours each day (min 250calories)
- Whistle
- 1 x headlamp with new batteries for 50km category
- compass

Recommended items:

- gps watch that you can download gpx track to follow and know your distance/elevation
- visor or hat for sun protection
- extra batteries for headlamp
- mosquito repellent
- sun cream
- energy food for you to do race (nuts, dried fruit, peanuts, Chinese crackers, energy bars, gels, etc)
- electrolyte tablets (Nuun tablets or other brands are good to add to your water at checkpoints)
- water filter (lightweight) if you run out of water
- lubricant gel or vaseline for chafing prevention
- waterproof bag case for phone
- flip flop sandals for after race
- blister kit