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04 Apr, 2019

Bonaqua Action X SPRINT Trail Series heading to Sai Kung

Bonaqua Action X SPRINT Trail Series 2019

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Bonaqua Action X SPRINT Trail Series heading to Sai Kung

HONG KONG, Wednesday, April 4, 2019 – The classic Bonaqua Action X SPRINT Trail Series will be returning on Sunday April 7 this year. The series will start with a 12 km race in Sai Kung, which is the good distance to race during the warm weather.

The race flags off at 9am and participants will first run 5km through country park road, then tackle 5.5km of off-road trails that includes a mix of technical track and stone stairs. The final portion of the course goes along a road and trail for 2km, sending runners back to where they began. The course is designed to suit runners of all abilities as well as fast hikers.

14-year-old runner Vivian Chung, the winner of (14-19) women age category in 2018 SPRINT – Sai Kung returned to race this year. Chung said: “I love how this series of races are all very challenging. Also, since my first trail running experience was from the same series last year, I am interested in seeing how much progress I have made throughout the year.”

As a Secondary 3 student, Chung needs to balance schoolwork and training at the same time. “I currently train 3-4 days a week. To balance school, I usually arrange all my training to after school period. Since I am a secondary 3 student facing the pressure of choosing HKDSE subjects, I am very serious and focused on schoolwork. During exam periods, I would only train for 1-2days instead.”

Experienced runner Lam Yuet Ming will be participating in the Bonaqua Action X SPRINT Trail Series for the third year. Lam believes that trail running has a lot more fun than road running, “I started trail running in 2014, and by that time I’d already had 8-9 years of road running experiences. There is more to see when running trails. Besides the stunning scenery along the way, facial expressions from other runners are also interesting to watch. Moreover, running on rugged trails requires me to focus and pay careful attention to run faster.”

Lam is especially excited about the establishment of the 60+ age category, “most event organisations do not have a age category for 60+ age group. Action Asia is one of the very few that does have such group made for trail race. This encourages more senior runners to exercise.” For the coming race on Sunday, Lam is aiming for top 3 in her age category.

The Bonaqua Action X SPRINT Trail Series has been organised for 16 years. In the 2018 edition, record holder Vlad Ixel was the men’s champions while Mak Hui-tung was the women’s champion. Action Asia Events is dedicated to creating diversified and challenging routes, and giving runners the opportunity to set foot on less-trodden trails and explore the suburbs away from the concrete jungle.

The event is possible due to the generous support of presenting sponsors Bonaqua and Action X Store with supporting partners: Royale International, Lion Rock Brewery, C3fit, Herbalgy, Salonsip, Lorence & Company and HK Living Magazine.


Race Info

Event Name

Bonaqua Action X SPRINT Trail Series – Sai Kung


April 7, 2019 (Sunday)

Start Time

9:00 am

Start and  Finish Location

Pak Tam Chung P.H.A.B. Site, Pak Tam Chung, Sai Kung, Hong Kong


12 km


Hiking and Trail Running





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