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05 Nov, 2019

Bridges Camaraderie Smiles Awesome Nepal Action Asia

Bridges, Camaraderie, Smiles, Awesome Nepal Action Asia 3 day ultra

Nov 4 2019 - NEPAL - After a short 3 hour drive this years Nepal Action Asia showed off the smiling Nepalese, the awesome pristine valleys with suspension bridges and many were lost for words at the resort in the Bhalthali area at an elevation of 1546m. 

Karin Bremer was holding on to Margaretha de Boer at the finish saying, "I have 3 favourite things - Day 1 was the bridges, Day 2 the views with the light in the mountains as sensational with the colors coming in the mountains and Day 3 the monastery at the top, That was stunning" after Karin finished the 3 day 100km ultra in a total time of 22 hours 6 minutes. 

"Fantastic people, amazing scenery, stunning country, once in a lifetime opportunity and I’ll come back again next year" said Graham Kean after completing the 100km in great time of 22 hours 16 minutes.

"A perfect, window into everyday life into Nepal. Pretty awesome. Pretty amazing to finish. Beautiful course. Will recommend as come back 2x and will be back again" said Kari Entwisle finishing the 3 days in 19 hours 15 minutes for the 100km.

"Awesome race in Nepal - Totally do it, 100k all the day, finishing with the Monastery, it was awesome" said Kate McAlister who is spending some serious time traveling around Nepal and Asia at the moment who completed the 100km in 15 hours 52 minutes.

John Poulson who with Joan Steidinger has been coming back year after year to raise funds for a local Nepal charity said "It was a blast. A great group, a great course, beautiful scenery, had a total ball".

For Joan Steidinger -"Fun, thrilling, challenging, exciting and painful" as Joan was saying in between laughing and enjoying the atmosphere with everyone on the outdoor terrace with sweeping valley views.

Jason Brockwell one of the most famous hip surgeons in the world, well at least in our group commented after finishing the 100km in 23 hours 24 minutes said "a lot of fun, beautiful scenery, great people, couldn’t ask for more" as Jason seemed quite happy that the Nepal Action Asia ultra was a great training session for his upcoming Trailwalker.

Keith Russell a regular on the Action Asia Events overseas events who previously won the Kazakhstan 60km category said "Love Nepal. People are amazing and well marked designed courses as definately will be back as couldn't have asked for more" said Keith who went on to host the after party at his penthouse suite in the Ambassador hotel to celebrate his 60km overall title in Nepal with a time of 9 hours 54 minutes.

"Interesting course, varied, loved running thru the villages, nice to see the monastary today, thank you so much" said Peter Davis at the finish after completing the 100km in 15 hours 20 minutes.

Graeme Kean finished the 100km category in 19 hours 24 minutes and was full of praise. "First time in Nepal, unbelievable scenery, beautiful people, great organisation, and a lot of fun" Graeme said after running most of the weekend with Jason Brockwell.

107 from Team Super Mario brothers runner Mario Leboeuf was always joking thru the whole event keeping everyone alive and commented "Fantastic scenery, a lot of good people smiling, we had a lot of fun and pleasure and yes please try it and I will probably come back" said Mario a frequent traveller originally from Quebec who seems to have traveled the world.

Amie Tang had a massive smile at the finish after finishing the 3 days 60km course in 13 hours 58 minutes saying, "Yeh I’m the first Chinese to finish today and I feel so good. Nepal is so beautiful and will see you next time. Thank you so much".

Margaretha de Boer added "The slopes. Amazing views up up up up. That was heavy breathing" catching her breath at the finish line after doing an incredible job showing so much effort finishing the 100km in 22 hours 7 minutes.

Nadine Stephann grabbed the overall 60km Womens title in 13 hours 58 minutes with Amie Tang as they ran and hiked together.

Bradley Follett was unstoppable grabbing the overall 100km Mens title in 12 hours 50 minutes with Sherrin Loh taking the overall women's title in 13 hours 58 minutes showing pure strength.

Race Director and Course Designer Michael Maddess said watch out for an announcement soon as Langtang Action Asia could be a reality very soon as it was previously done 8 years ago and with new road construction almost completed it could be coming in 2020 together with a host of new surprises to push adventure travelers and adrenalin junkies into new frontiers and a chance to raise funds for well deserved charities.

The Nepal Action Asia 3 day ultra couldn't have happened without all the hard working Nepal marshals, staff, area commanders, Royale International, Himalayan Trails, Action X Stores, Cosman Physio for the pre race articles on injury prevention and the wonderful people in Nepal.

Action Asia Events organizes ultra marathons, trail and adventure running events to inspire in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Nepal and across Asia for adrenaline junkies. Worth checking them out. www.actionasiaevents.com

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