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09 Nov, 2019

Technical ridgelines with 3000m gain Taiwan Action Asia 50

Chou & Chen praise Skyrunning course marking on technical Taiwan Action Asia 50

Nov 9 2019 - Taiwan - Action Asia Event organizers went out of their way on putting a massive amount of effort into marking the technical ridgeline course of the Taiwan Action Asia 50 which covers over 3000m elevation gain and 3000m elevation loss for one of Taiwan's only Skyrunning race on the calendar for the Ultra Skymarathon which returned to Shihmen Reservoir, Saturday November 9th.

For the 50km category, Chou Pin Chi a North Face sponsored runner screamed thru the technical rolling hill course and grabbed the overall mens title in 6 hours 52 minutes 9 seconds. “ I think the markings of the course were very clear. However, I personally prefer even longer grass on the downhills as I love the true nature, but nobody was going to get lost as the organizers went out of their way doing an incredible marking job making it easy on the runners to focus on enjoying the course for what it really is with the beautiful mountain ridgelines with ropes and fantastic sweeping valley views as the organizer paid much attention to the details,” Chou Pin Chi said.

Chen Hsiu Ching won the 50km women overall champion with 7 hours 45 minutes 12 seconds. “It’s my third time joining the 50km Action Asia race as love the course and organization. I was actually quite worried before the race, because my knees were injured last month and I couldn’t run until this week. Luckily I can finish the race.” She also thought that the most impressive part of the race was the sweeping views and scenery along the course high up on the ridges as made the climbing much more enjoyable together with the impeccable marking made it easy to focus" said overall 50k womens winner Chen Hsiu Ching.

Both male and female winners in 50km will represent Taiwan at the Asian Skyrunning Championship Lantau 50 part of the HK50 Series in Hong Kong on Dec 1, 2019.

Taiwanese trail elite Chou Ching winner of the previous 50km in 2018 won the 21km mens category and broke the race record, with 1 hour 44 minutes 40 seconds.

Chou Ching thought that the route this year was much better and the weather was nice. “The 21km race can be a vigorous competition as it allows runners to sprint so fast. A good friend of mine has joined the race as well. We have not seen each other in two years, and we are kind of like ‘frienemies’. Today we do our best in the race. I’m thankful to have these friends, and we encourage each other to go for better results. The markings were very clear which helped all of us” said Chou Ching at the 21k awards ceremony.

Taiwan Action Asia 50 was the only Skyrunning event in Taiwan that is recognized by International Skyrunning Federation. Its hardcore 50km race has a reputation of punishing many runners with minimum 3016m elevation gain and max elevation 591m.

The other distances in the Taiwan Action Asia 50 include 21km, 13km and 5km categories that were suitable for different types of runner. The youngest participant of this event was Chen Sin Wei who is only seven years old. Her mum Liu Chia Hui also joined the event. She said, “It’s my first time taking my daughter to this race. I thought the race may be too difficult for kids, but it turns out to be just fine. The first part is like a mountain-climbing route: there are a lot of huge rocks, and we need to step on the rocks to pass by. My daughter loves it. Then we run through the downward slope, it’s narrower and steeper and there are smaller rocks. She almost falls, but still thinks it’s fun. That part is a bit hard for kids, so we have to take it slow. We also enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way and were quite happy Action Asia Events could organize such a nice event” said Chen Sin Wei.

The Taiwan Action Asia 50 could not happen without all the hard working Taiwan marshals, staff, transport officials and without the generous support of our supporting partners Action X Store, Maxpure, TXG, Outdoor Channel, Outside Magazine, Runivore, Running Biji, Don 1 don, Vendome Taipei Business Hotel, MWbase Travel, Royale International, Horizon Sports, Taipei Metro Hash House Harriers and Passionate Enthusiast.

Action Asia Events organizes ultra marathons, trail and adventure running events to inspire in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Nepal and across Asia for adrenaline junkies. Worth checking them out. www.actionasiaevents.com

Race Result:

Name- Nationality- Time

50km men overall

  1. Pin Chi Chou- Taiwan- 06:52:09

  2. Kuo Chung Lin- Taiwan- 07:06:37

  3. Hungwen Wu-  Taiwan- 07:31:36

  4. Huang Chi Hsien- Taiwan- 07:36:34

  5. Sun Wei Ho- Taiwan- 07:42:36

50km women overall

  1. Hsiu Ching Chen- Taiwan- 07:45:12

  2. Hsiao Hui Lo- Taiwan- 08:07:25

  3. Catherine Kaar- United Kingdom- 09:55:15

  4. Julia Wu- Taiwan- 11:19:14

  5. Yu-chi Shen- Taiwan- 11:31:47


21km men overall

  1. Ching Chou- Taiwan- 01:44:40

  2. Yen Ching Chiang- Taiwan- 01:55:40

  3. Wei Ting Chen- Taiwan- 02:01:36

  4. 世鴻翁- Taiwan- 02:12:35

  5. Wei Fu Peng- Taiwan- 02:12:42

21km women overall

  1. Hsuan wen Fan- Taiwan- 02:56:58

  2. Sandra Boesiger- Switzerland- 02:58:39

  3. Shu Fen Lian- Taiwan- 03:05:00

  4. Ada Chan- Hong Kong- 03:07:18

  5. Elzanne Lotter-South Africa- 03:08:58

13km men overall

  1. Patrick Jose Scott Graham- United Kingdom- 01:25:01

  2. 徐國能- Taiwan- 01:32:09

  3. Olivier Gaucher- France- 01:32:52

  4. 郭啟祥- Taiwan- 01:38:02

  5. 陳昆煒- Taiwan- 01:38:53

13km women overall

  1. Wan Fang Chang- Taiwan- 01:44:34

  2. Jèn Magluyan- Philippines- 01:50:23

  3. Sarah Hamed- Germany- 01:55:22

  4. Karine Gaucher- France- 01:58:12

  5. 林佳慧- Taiwan- 02:09:09

5km men overall

  1. Nan Chin Lee- Taiwan- 00:48:04

  2. 李盈慶- Taiwan-00:48:10

  3. Yu-ping Chuang- Taiwan- 00:48:48

  4. Frederick Gertz- United States- 01:18:46

5km women overall

  1. 李家姍- Taiwan- 01:06:17

  2. 温琬婷- Taiwan- 01:09:03

  3. 阮怡婷-  Taiwan- 01:09:04

  4. 楊翊甄- Taiwan- 01:09:05

  5. 江玫芳- Taiwan- 01:43:16

About Skyrunning

Since the first extreme races in 1992, the first World Championship in 1998 and the introduction of the Skyrunner World Series in 2003, Skyrunning has grown to become a globally renowned sport governed by the International Skyrunning Federation. The sport is practiced in more than 40 nations and counts followers from 126 countries. The Skyrunner National Series were introduced in 2014 and today are held in 18 countries and regions including Taiwan. The concept is based on the same principle as the World Series with a circuit of three disciplines, Sky, Ultra and Vertical, awarding titles and prizes at the finals.

Race Info

Event Name

Taiwan Action Asia 50


Nov 9, 2019 (Saturday)

Start Time

50km - 5am (Sunrise is 6:06am)

21km/13km/6km - 6:15am

Start Location

Shihmen Reservoir, Taoyuan County


5km,13km, 21km, 50km





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