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11 Jan, 2020

HK50 West rises above the clouds

2019/20 HK50 Series
Oct 26, 2019 - HK50 – Hong Kong Island 50
Dec 1, 2019 - Lantau 50
Jan 11, 2020 - Hong Kong 50 WEST
Feb 15, 2020 - Sai Kung 50

HK50 WEST Rises Above the Clouds - Leung takes Women title 2 in a row

HONG KONG, January 11, 2020 – Local elite runner Leung Ying Suet grabbed the overall Women's 50km title at the HK50 WEST, race 3 of the HK50 series in a stunning time of 6hours 55minutes 20seconds, also grabbing her 2nd win of the HK50 series putting her top of the points standing.

The series carries a point system earning participants points each race with the overall points leader declared champion. After three races, Leung is in a good position with the final Sai Kung 50 event in February still to come. “This time the HK50WEST course (which ran in reverse this year) seems to have more uphill sections, and the trail near the end in ShingMun is more technical. As the elevation is not large and the weather is good, running the course is pretty enjoyable. The marking was very good as didn't have to worry, said Leung on the podium”

British runner Timothy Peter Ross Couper won the 54km men overall champion, with a 6 hours 11 minutes 34 seconds finishing time. “I love the middle section of the course going down to Ho Pui and around Tai Lam, it’s so runnable and it gets a lot of speed. I love faster courses, so that was just perfect. The weather was great. By the time I got to Tai Mo Shan, the sky was clear. I could see one-point right across the Lantau where the Sunset and Lantau Peak are popping out of the clouds. It was an amazing view. said Couper”

Australian Justo Lei grabbed 2nd overall in the 50km said he didn't have to use his gpx track. "The marking was very good. Didn't really have to look at the gpx at all as I could quite easy just follow thru the markings all the way thru as the markings were so clear. Definately the first part being so runnable was one of my favorites on this course, if you can run uphill, that is a great way to start and stay up there, the 2nd half with the uphill on Tai Mo Shan with technical downhill definately tougher as more rocky, but overall beautiful course and the weather being beautiful made it extra special".

Vlad Ixel from Australia also win the HK50 WEST 25km overall champion for the second year in succession, with a time of 2 hours 20 minutes 1 second. Ixel said, “The course had a great combination of trails and elevation, plus a nice amount of climbing. The best part is the big climbs up to Tai Mo Shan. All the clouds were under the top, so you seem to run above the clouds. It’s probably one of the nicest views I've ever seen of HK in a race as we timed it perfectly,” talking to Michael Maddess the Race Director of Action Asia Events while supporting the race by pouring drinks for runners at the finish line of Ixel's new Bix recovery supplement which everyone enjoyed under the hot sun.

The 25km women overall champion went to Germany's Katrin Gottschalk who said, “the best part was enjoying the view while climing Tai Mo Shan early in the morning. I like running the uphills and enjoyed the morning sun, the amazing view and the clouds. Everything was really good together with a well marked course.”

Igor Gal from Croatia won the 10km category. He said that the trail was a little bit technical with ups and downs and many sections which suited him perfectly. The trail is quite fast and great overall. “Overall it’s a very good trail set. I love this HK50 WEST Action Asia Events race.” He finished the race in 1 hour 5 minutes 13 seconds.

The 10km women's champion went to British runner Alexandra Riley, with a 1 hour 13 minutes 36 seconds time. “The best part is getting to the top of the hill and that view of Hong Kong which was epic. Thank you Action Asia.”

The event is organized by Action Asia Events and is possible thanks to the generous support of all supporting partners: Action X store, Royale International, Bonaqua, Skyrunner National Series, Camelbak, Cathay Pacific, Salonpas, Bix Vitamins, Theragun, Plantronics, Herbalgy, Bu sunscreen, Outdoor Channel and New Life Plastics.
54km men overall top 5
1. Timothy Peter Ross Couper - United Kingdom - 6:11:34
2. Justo Lei - Australia - 6:38:02
3. Wong Kwok Wai - Hong Kong - 6:40:32
4. Robert Turnbull - United Kingdom - 6:46:37
5. Wong Chun Chau - Hong Kong - 6:50:10

54km women overall top 5
1. Leung Ying Suet - Hong Kong - 6:55:20
2. Katherine Gearing - United Kingdom 7:50:18
3. Sabrina Ettedgui - France - 7:52:23
4. Sham Sze Wan - Hong Kong 7:58:43
5. Yeung Lai Fan Esther- Hong Kong - 08:18:31

25km men overall top 5
1. Vlad Ixel - Australia - 02:20:01
2. George Gaffney - Australia - 02:29:32
3. Aaron Hollingshead - United States - 02:33:09
4. Jason Jia - Australia - 02:34:03
5. Thomas Kitwood - United Kingdom - 02:35:11

25km women overall top 5
1. Katrin Gottschalk - Germany - 02:57:16
2. Constanza Guillen - Spain - 03:08:35
3. Catherine Chow - Hong Kong - 03:17:26
4. Emilie Soust - Australia - 03:21:52
5. Laurence Van der Loo - Belgium - 03:35:08

10km men overall top 5
1. Igor Gal - Croatia - 01:05:13
2. Stephen Higgins - United Kingdom - 01:05:46
3. Sujan Limbu - Nepal - 01:05:54
4. Pascal Laroumanie - France - 01:07:19
5. Alex Page - Australia - 01:07:37

10km women overall top 5
1. Alexandra Riley - United Kingdom - 01:13:36
2. Evelyn Chan - Hong Kong - 01:28:47
3. Kwok Hoi Sze - Hong Kong - 01:38:06
4. Rica Raubenheimer - Philippines - 01:39:22
5. Laura Jane Ayres - United Kingdom - 01:43:06

6km men overall top 5
1. Lo Chun Yin - Hong Kong - 00:35:15
2. Tam Yiu Bong - Hong Kong - 00:40:37
3. Chow Chi Yeung - Hong Kong - 00:42:04
4. Wong Kai Chung - Hong Kong - 00:49:48
5. Ho Xenek - Hong Kong - 00:51:30

6km women overall top 4
1. Tina Law - China - 01:31:14
2. Ip Wing Shan - Hong Kong - 01:36:46
3. Li Chung Yan - Hong Kong - 01:39:31
4. Tsim Pui Ying - Hong Kong - 01:49:36

Race Info
Event Name HK50 WEST
Date 11 Jan 2020 (Saturday)
Start Time 6:30 am (54 km), 6:45am (25km), 7:00 am (10km), 7:15 am (6km)

Start & Finish Location Shing Mun Reservoir Catchwater, Tsuen Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Distance 6km, 10km, 25km, 54km
Category Trail Running and Hiking
Website www.actionasiaevents.com


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