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23 Nov, 2020

No need for music - Nikki Han on fastest 50

Thank you so much Nikki. In latest results you were 1st Women during the HK50 virtual event in 6hrs 42min. Huge congrats!

1. Do you think all the hiking/climbing up the steep Lo Fu Tau in your backyard helped you do so well on the HK50 course or do you believe doing more flat running would have helped your time?
A: So I usually prefer doing long stuff with lots of climbing, HK 50 was just something different and I had never done the course before. It’s pretty much all running apart from the last 9kms, so it was a great training run for me. If I had trained specifically for it then I would have concentred more on flat running.

2. What was your water strategy if any on the HK50 course and how many liters total did you believe you used? Where did you refill?
A: I started with 3 500ml soft bottles and refilled at the garage, where I sat and enjoyed a drink and a packet of crisps.

3. During Covid times did you find it a bit of a pain in the butt getting yourself all the way up to the Peak for the start and not being around the normal start line where at least you would have numerous people to say hello to ? What was the feeling at the actual start?
A: I didn’t find it a pain at all getting up to Peak to the start. I don’t have a problem traveling anywhere in Hong Kong to get to a start point for a run.

4. What was the best part of the actual 50k course if any and why?
A: Was great weather the day I did it so felt good at the start and excited. I actually had tried a few days before to do the course but got lost, I didn’t turn back on the Hong Pak trail and ended up at Tai Koo Shing 47kms later. So went home and made sure I knew where I was going for second go. For me the last 10kms I enjoyed, was happy to climb. But overall I enjoyed the course and it got me out of my comfort zone.

5. Did you listen to music along the way and if so which songs helped you move along?
A: No didn’t listen to music. Have been training without recently although I never used it that much before, I need to hear what’s around me. HK4tuc 2021 no music allowed !

6. Besides virtual races do you believe the industry as a hole could do anything else if not allowed by police to organize races during Covid?
It’s tough for RDs at the moment they need the permits to be allowed to start a race and until that happens virtual races seem to be the only way. Apart from self challenges of course.

Thanks so much Nikki and well done again on your inspiration and motivation to us all.

Michael Maddess

Action Asia Events Team


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