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11 Apr, 2021

Covid Test - Social Distancing - Masks - 2 new records to start trail running

Covid Test, Social Distancing, Masks and 2 new records to start trail running again

After more than 1 year with no hiking or trail running events organized due to COVID-19, the organizer Action Asia Events given permission by the Hong Kong government to do two events a week apart kicked off with the first 2021 Hong Kong Ultimate Champions Trail Run 25km @HK50 WEST this Sunday morning taking runners from Shing Mun reservoir along the Lung Mun Country Trail, Cheun Lung Forest Track up the side of  Tai Mo Shan to Wo Tong Kong reaching 702m before descending to Tsuen Kam Au at 500m then running back over the top of Tai Mo Shan reaching a height of 917m before descending the Maclehose Trail Section 8 over Sze Fong Shan 784 m near Lead Mine Pass using a technical and challenging Tai Shing stream trail back to Shing Mun Reservoir finish.

French national Guillaume Perrot from the Uglow Joint Dynamics team took over 6 minutes off Vlad Ixel’s 25km Men’s course record finishing in a time of 2 hours 13 minutes 39 seconds as the overall champion.

In the Women’s race top Hong Kong Women elite Wong Mei Yan finished in 2 hours 46 minutes 40 seconds taking over 8 minutes of Wendy Porterfield’s course record. The top Hong Kong Male was Cheng Ka Sing finishing in a strong 2 hours 20 minutes 30 seconds. Both top local Hong Kong runners qualify for the Skyrunning World Championship.

The top Hong Kong Female athlete Wong Mei Yan was full of praise after crossing the finish line. “This was the first race after over a year, so I felt really happy. The safety measures were done very well by the organizer. All runners tested negative before the race, everyone followed the social distancing start, wearing their masks for the first 100m and put their mask on immediately at the finish line, with the organizer checking everybody’s Covid test and body temperatures showing trail running can be operated safely in Hong Kong. I hope to see more trail races,” Wong Mei Yan said.

Cheng Ka Sing while stretching at the finish added “I had great fun today. The weather was perfect. The two runners ahead of my were really fast and I did my absolute best trying to catch them but couldn’t at the end.”

French runner Guillaume Perrot was excited after the race. “We were waiting for this one for more than a year now so of course it felt good. Thank you, Action Asia Events, for making sure we are all safe and hope to see more safe races. We started with a group of 4 guys at the catchwater amazingly fast and soon we started to climb. After Tai Mo Shan, it was all good. It is way easier to stay motivated when you are in a race with other runners.”

The next Action Asia Events race is next Saturday April 17, 2021 with a 24km distance on Hong Kong Island.

Special thanks to Action X Store, Royale International, Herbalgy, Squeezy Sports Nutrition, Bonaqua, Outdoor Channel, Instinct, HK96, Care Mainetti, Addaday, Bix, ISF, Salonpas, ITRA, and Action Asia Sports Academy.

25km men overall top 5 (Full name, Nationality, Time)

1.  Guillaume PERROT - France - 2:13:39

2.  Ferdinand AIRAULT - France - 2:20:03

3.  CHENG Ka Sing - Hong Kong - 2:20:30

4.  Limbu YAMANATH - Nepal - 2:30:05

5.  John YEUNG - Hong Kong - 2:34:56


25km women overall top 5

1.  WONG Mei Yan - Hong Kong - 2:46:40

2.  Claire NESBITT - Ireland - 3:05:52

3.  Elsa JEAN DE DIEU - France - 3:06:09

4.  Justine CLARK - United Kingdom - 3:15:11

5.  Kitty Kam Suen LEE - Hong Kong - 3:23:36


Race Info

Event Name

2021 Hong Kong Ultimate Champions Trail Run 25km @HK50 WEST


11 April 2021 (Sunday)

Start Time

6:30 am (25km)

Start & Finish Location

Shing Mun Reservoir Catchwater, Tsuen Wan




Trail Running and Hiking



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