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17 Apr, 2021

Hong Kong Island - Faster paced - Testing & Masks

2021 Hong Kong Ultimate Champions Trail Run 24km @HK50

1st Hong Kong Island trail event - Covid Test, Social Distancing, Masks and fast paced

HONG KONG, April 17, 2021 – After more than 1 year with no hiking or trail running events organized due to COVID-19, the organizer Action Asia Events given permission by the Hong Kong government to do two events a week apart kicked off the second event in a week starting Saturday morning up on the Peak finishing at Wong Nai Chung Gap having double the participation of the first event last week. All trail runners had to follow strict health procedures including Covid testing, social distancing and wearing masks.

The 2021 Hong Kong Ultimate Champions Trail Run 24km @HK50 took runners from the Peak at an elevation of over 400m following the Hong Kong Trail thru Pokfulam and Aberdeen Country Park down to 100m elevation near Aberdeen, before running back up to a higher elevation of around 300m at Wong Nai Chung for a total distance of 24km of mostly trail.

Local North Face elite runner and Philippine national John Ray Galutera Onifa with the nickname “Stingray” dominated the race winning overall 1:50:59 just missing the course record by 37 seconds with Hong Kong’s WONG Mei Yan winning her 2nd Action Asia race in a week in 2 hours 15 minutes 59 seconds.

“So great to race live again today and Action Asia did such a god job to make it a safe race for everyone. The safety checks and measures were easy to follow and everyone so happy to see our sport return,” said overall winner Onifa.

Overall winner Wong talked about the course. “The course was a bit slippery, fast paced, but it was ok as I always slowed down into the corners as tried to be safe. Glad the organizers made us feel comfortable making us do all the health regulations and checking we are wearing our masks and social distancing.”

 Hong Kong’s CHENG Ka Sing was the overall top Hong Kong runner in 1 hour 58 minutes.  Both top Hong Kong Male and Female athletes qualify for the Skyrunning World Championship.

“Everyone has duly complied with the epidemic prevention measures and that makes me feel comfortable and safe to run in a real race. Although it was raining today and the track was a bit slippery, I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for organizing the event and I look forward to participating in more real races in the near future!” said 5th place overall and top Hong Kong placed runner Cheng.

“I did the 2nd jab 2 days ago and the effect lasted until yesterday, but I could still feel the impact when I tried to push as a bit tired, but so glad I came as happy with all the safety checks as felt safe being around everyone and thank you for helping the Hong Kong Trail Running community’ said Flora Ching who finished 3rd overall in the Women’s in 2:24:48

“Really hoping the Hong Kong trail running community can get more approved races by the Hong Kong government as they can be organized in a safe disciplined way” said Michael Maddess the Course Designer from Action Asia Events.

Special thanks to Action X Store, Royale International, Herbalgy, Squeezy Sports Nutrition, Bonaqua, Outdoor Channel, Instinct, HK96, Care Mainetti, Addaday, Bix, ISF, Salonpas, ITRA, and Action Asia Sports Academy.

24km men overall top 5 (Full name, Nationality, Time)

1. John Ray Galutera Onifa (Stingray) - Philippines - 1:50:59

2. Marco Mueller - Switzerland - 1:53:56

3. Ferdinancd AIRAULT - France - 1:55:30

4. Robin FALL - USA - 1:55:42

5. CHENG Ka Sing - Hong Kong - 1:58:00

24km women overall top 5

1. WONG Mei Yan - Hong Kong - 2:15:59

2. Claire NESBITT - Ireland - 2:22:37

3. Flora Wing Yee CHING - Canada - 2:24:48

4. Sabrina Ettedgui - France - 2:29:08

5. YannKai OH - Malaysia - 2:30:5

Race Info

Event Name

2021 Hong Kong Ultimate Champions Trail Run 24km @HK50


17 April 2021 (Saturday)

Start Time

6:30 am (24km)

Start & FinishLocation

Peak to Wong Nai Chung Gap, Hong Kong Island




Trail Running and Hiking



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Results at https://www.actionasiaevents.com/results.html

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