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23 Oct, 2021

Hong Kong 50 ultra-marathon starts with blistering pace


Oct 23, 2021 - HK50

Dec 4, 2022 - Lantau 50

Jan 15, 2022 - Sai Kung 50

Feb tbc 2022 -  HK50 West

HONG KONG, Oct 23, 2021

Hong Kong 50 ultra-marathon starts with blistering pace

Samantha Chan cracks top 5 Women - Hamlin takes women’s title - Onifa takes win with cramps - Lam top HK male


HONG KONG, October 23, 2021 – The Hong Kong 50 got off to a blistering start probably due to the 24km behind the 50k runners in the waves, but that didn’t stop the elite 24km runners blasting their way thru the field to have a chance to go neck and neck with the 50k elites at race 1 of the HK50 four race series.

“Stingray” John Ray Galutera Onifa (TNF team) from the Philippines lead most of the race with other elites on his heels pushing. But who was doing the pushing as Stingray had written the splits of an elite Kenyan that popped into Hong Kong a few years ago almost by accident hearing about the HK50 series setting some incredible course splits, but with a last minute course change between cp3 Mt Parker Road and cp4 Boa Vista due to typhoon damage near Mt Parker. But that didn’t stop Stingray on pushing as hard as he could on the past splits for one of the fastest times in history on the HK50 course and a new course record on this particular version which was only used one time before. “The course was nice, the last 3 mountains was very hard, weather was perfect, but my legs were still tight from UTMB, cramped a bit, but I managed to hang on, I tried to follow the Kenyan split times a few years ago, was amazed at how fast that guy ran and kept drinking lots of water and very happy with my time….didn’t realize it was a slightly changed course around Mt Parker from 2018 as was saying to myself on the course that cp4 split was so fast so kept running harder all the way to the finish” said Stingray grabbing the overall win in 4 hours 32 minutes 48 seconds. The 2018 course was shortened slightly due to typhoon damage on Boa Vista and used more road.

Frenchman Guillaume Perrot (Uglow - LBC Julbo) previous winner of the HK50West 25k champions race in April was pushing the whole time with others on his heals. With 45km to go and just down less than 2 minutes Perrot was pushing hard on the final Violet Hill stair climb. “The race started off super-fast and no time to rest, was just running, running, running and just when you were hoping to slow down you hit the hills and no time for rest anywhere, as Butler, Jardine Violet trying to hang on to Stingray who just flying as was happy to be within 2 min of such a strong runner like as my training is really paying off with my team as very happy with my time of 4 hours 35 minutes for the 50k and now looking now forward to Trailwalker” said 2nd place overall Perrot who is having a great year in Hong Kong on the trails.

UK national Ryan Whelan from GRJD team was pushing it equally as hard as Perrot trying to give it everything trying to also run some of the stairs finishing just over 7 minutes later. “Great running today at the HK50, as was fast off the start with the 24k runners, lots of chats and the second half is when the race begins, loved the Sir Cecil Ride section, lots of technical trail, and love the out back (cp3) to see where you are against other runners, and into the big climbs at the end, great course marking, great weather, great day out. Fantastic. Now for a 42k tomorrow and out on the water in afternoon” said Whelan grabbing 3rd overall in the Mens in 4 hours 42 minutes 8 seconds who obviously is craving a little more exercise than the average person.  

Hong Kong’s top male runner was Lam Shing Yip Thomas finishing 9th overall and 1st in his age category in 5 hours 32 minutes 15 seconds. “Wow an incredible experience as so happy that my training prepared me for this. Some very fast runners. Excellent organization and great course marking. Thanks to all that made this happen as it feels so special to do a real race again” said the Salomon team runner Lam.

UK national Katrina Hamlin was hoping for a better result after placing 3rd at CBRE Lantau 2 Peaks a few weeks ago and came in with a bit more determination and training under her belt. “ Fantastic course today, such a runnable first half, a little bit easy to go fast, but I enjoyed it as this HK50 was the first ultra that I entered back in 2015 and that year I didn’t finish so it feels so nice to come back and finish the race. Great organization” said Hamlin grabbing the overall women’s title in 5 hours 29 minutes 32 seconds.

American Candice Lanzoni grabbed 2nd overall just 2 minutes later behind Kamlin in 5 hours 31 minutes 26 seconds. “Only been here 1.5 years and this is my first ultra-race here, very excited, this course is super runnable and I think the hardest bit was the last 10k going up Mt Butler, my legs started to almost cramp and then I saved it, saved myself, so very happy and to have a race again so Thank you” said Lanzoni.

Grabbing 3rd was German national Angelika Hahn in 6 hours 2 minutes and 2 seconds who has grabbed many podium results over past Action Asia Events. “So well organized. Thank you so much to all marshals and staff. See you soon” said Hahn.

In 6 hours, 14 minutes 16 seconds, the first Hong Kong women Samantha Chan crossed the finish line 4th place overall in the Women’s who breathed a sign of relief falling into friends arms at the finish. ‘Oh, that was hard, but so enjoyable. Oh, so tired. So much fun. The course was fast and beautiful! It was really nice to run out there today. But this course is challenging for me too. There’s a large part of the course that’s runnable and I am not used to it. I would say this distance and course is not my strength, but I am still happy with the outcome today! Thank you so much for bringing back a real race to us! It’s a really good start! You set a good example for others!“ said Chan.

The classic and challenging HK50 course designed by Michael Maddess of Action Asia events starts from the Peak Galleria (396m) and covers some of the most technical hilly trails along Hong Kong Island. The first 24km follows the Hong Kong Trail from the Peak to Wong Nai Chung Gap, with an additional loop of Mount Bennet in Aberdeen Country Park. The course then becomes more technical and challenging, with a big loop following Sir Cecil Ride and up Mount Parker Road to Quarry Gap Tai Fung Au, Boa Vista trail, Mt Butler (436m), Jardine Lookout (433m), followed by a loop of Violet Hill (438m), finishing at Wong Nai Chung Gap for just over 2200m elevation gain and 2400m elevation loss in the 50km trail race.

Special thanks to partners Bonaqua water, Royale International courier, ArFum laundry capsules, Action X store Sheung Wan, Herbalgy, LRMasks, HKRunningBiji and all the staff and course marshals that will get out of bed early to make the event happen.

Action Asia Events next approved race will be Sunday October 31 with the Hysan Hike & Run starting and finishing in Happy Valley, Hong Kong Island.

Race 2 of the HK50 series will be the Lantau 50 on Dec 4, 2021.

 Full details at www.actionasiaevents.com under HK50.


50km - Top 5 MEN

First Name Last Name Category Nationality Race Time

1. John Ray Galutera Onifa - 18-39 - Philippines 04:32:48

2. Guillaume Perrot - 18-39 - France 04:35:01

3. Ryan Whelan - 18-39 - UK 04:42:08

4. Lodewijk Adriaan Vriens - 18-39 - Netherlands 04:50:58

5. Willem Jan Hendrik Pretorius - 18-39 - South Africa 05:06:02


50km - Top 5 WOMEN

First Name Last Name Category Nationality Race Time

1. Katrina Hamlin - 18-39 UK 05:29:32

2. Candice Lanzoni - 18-39 US 05:31:26

3. Angelika Hahn - 40-49 Germany 06:02:02

4. Samantha Chan - 18-39 HKG 06:14:16

5. Hanah Fjelddahl - 18-39 Japan 06:25:23


24km  - Top 5 MEN

First Name Last Name Category Nationality Race Time

1. Jb Martenet Men France 1:57:11

2. James Park Men New Zealand 1:57:31

3. Chris Davis Men UK 1:59:50

4. Nicolas Brocard-Saidi Men France 2:01:07

5. Andrew McGirr Men UK 2:03:25


24km  - Top 5 WOMEN

First Name Last Name Category Nationality Race Time

1. Nozomi Gaffney Women Japan 2:23:36

2. Ting Gao Women CHN 2:27:33

3. Melanie Wong Women Australia 2:35:38

4. Olivia Brocklehurst Women UK 2:41:08

5. Jing Chan Women UK 2:42:11


Race Info

Event Name

HK50 Series - Hong Kong Island


Oct 23, 2021(Saturday)

Start Time

7:00 a.m.

Start Location

Peak Galleria, The Peak, Hong Kong Island

Finish Location

Wong Nai Chung Gap, Hong Kong Island


24km, 50km


Trail Running and Hiking




More Race Details at:






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