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19 Oct, 2021

No typhoon - Cool temperatures coming - HK50 ideal conditions

No typhoon - cool temperatures coming for HK50 with ideal conditions for record

HONG KONG, Oct 19. 2021 – With this weekends HK50 scheduled Saturday Oct 23 after being rescheduled from a typhoon weekend Oct 10, Action Asia Events has had their plate full preparing for the first of four HK50 annual events, but for ultra-marathon runners ideal temperatures forecast 18c-22c.

For Hong Kong’s Samantha Chan Man-ha it is one of her first opportunities to see if her unique way of summer training is going to pay off. “Really looking forward to this weekend’s HK50 as I’m also doing a 100km event end of the year and due to unusually hot temperatures this year have been training on a treadmill most of the summer to force myself not to over train in the heat. This will be a real test for me as I’m really, curious to see how I do in a 50km this time of year as can’t wait to get out on the trails in a real race. But I know the 50km will not be easy” said Chan who is supported by Hoka / GRJD.

French national Ferdinand Airault started his October in top form leading more than half of the CBRE Lantau 2 Peaks race a few weeks ago, before finishing 2nd overall. “No pressure for me on this race. I will start with my Oxfam (Trailwalker) team as we registered together more as a training session. And I will see how it goes - with maybe a last push at the end if I still have fuel remaining in the legs. It’s on HK island which I know quite well - expecting to see many familiar faces such as my friend Stingray ! :) So, no pressure, enjoying and taking benefits of a good training! Hopefully no storm this time! Thanks again to Action Asia Events for organizing as great to see races. Any way starting slower will probably help also my pacing overall. But, don’t expect to beat any record. Let’s see how Stingray feels - I am sure he can smash it!” said Airault who will be clearly one of the Men’s favorites depending if his team mates let him go on the final stage in the HK50 as will be interesting how ‘team orders’ will play out.

Winner of the HK50 - 24km Ultimate Champions Trail race in April had Philippine runner John Ray Galutera Onifa otherwise know by nickname ‘Stingray’ on the TNF team has had a rough few weeks in quarantine after his UTMB debut and is entered, but surely will be near the front, but cautious. “I had a treadmill for the hotel which used a few times, but my legs after UTMB are still quite tight. Happy to get outside”, said ‘Stingray.

For Jenny Buck it’s just standing at a real race that makes a big difference. “ I’m excited about doing my FIRST EVER NON-VIRTUAL ULTRA! I only started running ultra-distances since the pandemic put a halt to live races. I’ve done 18 ultras in the past 20 months, but all self-supported and self-navigated, so I’m going to enjoy carrying less water and following the ribbons. I did the virtual race at night in November last year, but I’m trying to put all thoughts of beating that time out of my head since the weather will be a bit warmer, the trail substantially more crowded, and my preparation hasn’t been the best - since I did Raleigh 78km last week and got an infected/ulcerated blister” said Buck who always keep others smiling, motivated and inspired with her trail running experiences.

Thomas Lam Shing Yip from the Salomon team is happy to see a real race also. “No race in 2 years for me as just virtual races so really happy to see HK50 happening. I have tried the route in training, and I should not go wrong on HK Island. Well done again as hoping my training will have prepared me” said Lam.

Frenchman Guillaume Perrot (Uglow - Joint Dynamics team) winner of HK50 West -25k Ultimate Trail Champs Run in April in a smoking time of 2 hrs 13min with a 6 min lead over Ferdinand Airault has entered and said just a training day, but hopes to be rested. “We'll see how it goes on Saturday, I realized I only DNF twice in my life: the second one was few weeks ago for the L2P, but the first one was in 2018, when I tried to do back to back the Moontrekker and the HK50 from Action Asia - I did well on the Moontrekker, but not sleeping in between was just totally stupid. So, I just really want to enjoy my day on Saturday, even if it means to start slow and to be chill for the first half,” said Perrot who will be not wanting to make mistakes, but will have eyes on the podium against some interesting competition.

The HK50 is known as the easiest of the 4 race HK50 series which also includes the Lantau 50, Sai Kung 50 and HK50 West. This weekends HK50 on Oct 23, 2021 organized by Action Asia Events had close to a thousand international and local trail running elites in 2019 with Hong Kong’s Leung Ying Suet in front of New Zealander Marie McNaughton to grab the overall Women’s 50km title in 5 hrs 33 minutes while British - Tim Marchant’s Oxfam Trailwalker training helped when others cramped over the last 15km to take the Men’s 50km title finishing on top of the podium in 5 hrs 10min. This year’s HK50 event will have precautionary measures in place with double vaccination , PCR tests, face masks, wave starts, water only at checkpoints to name a few restrictions.

The classic and challenging HK50 course designed by Michael Maddess of Action Asia events starts from the Peak Galleria (396m) and covers some of the most technical hilly trails along Hong Kong Island. The first 24km follows the Hong Kong Trail from the Peak to Wong Nai Chung Gap, with an additional loop of Mount Bennet in Aberdeen Country Park. The course then becomes more technical and challenging, with a big loop following Sir Cecil Ride and up Mount Parker Road to Quarry Gap Tai Fung Au, Boa Vista trail, Mt Butler (436m), Jardine Lookout (433m), followed by a loop of Violet Hill (438m), finishing at Wong Nai Chung Gap for just over 2200m elevation gain and 2400m elevation loss in the 50km trail race.

Special thanks to partners Bonaqua water, Royale International courier, ArFum laundry capsules, Action X store Sheung Wan, Herbalgy, LRMasks, HKRunningBiji and all the staff and course marshals that will get out of bed early to make the event happen.

Full details at www.actionasiaevents.com under HK50.


Race Info

Event Name



23rd October 2021 (Saturday)

Start Time

7:00 am - (wave starts)

Start & Finish Location

PEAK start - Finish at Wong Nai Chung, Hong Kong Island


(24km & 50km)


Trail Running and Hiking



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