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22 Aug, 2022

Sprint motivation for Repulse Bay - Leslie Ng

Pre race Repulse Bay Action Sprint motivation - Leslie Ng Shuk Shan

(attached pic of Leslie Ng overlooking the water)

Why do you exercise in general?

This can go without saying- to stay healthy. Exercising alone helps me understand myself more; doing sports with friends brings fun and joy. I especially love running which literally and literarily makes me feel more down to earth.

What is your typical diet every day as do you take your food seriously like only eating healthy food 3x a day or how often in a week do you go on junk food or what you might call unhealthy binge?

I would say it’s like that of any city dweller. I drink lots of water tho. I have to confess I have a sweet tooth and go on junk food every fortnight.

Who motivates you and why?

Friends motivate me. It’s great fun to exercise together.

If their was a slogan that you would love to tell the world, what would it be and how did you hear this?

“May the game today bring wisdom to the game of life.”

This is one of the lines of the Sports Song of my residential hall at uni. I think the line is self-explanatory.

Any expectations for Repulse Bay Action Sprint?

This gonna be my first trail running race. I would like to thank my former boss for encouraging me to start trail running, my friend for inviting me to join this race, and another friend for accepting my invitation to go together. My expectation is to have fun together :)


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