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22 Aug, 2022

Sprint motivation for Repulse Bay - Wong Mei yan

Pre race Repulse Bay Action Sprint motivation - Wong Mei yan

(pic of Wong Mei yan at 2021 Hysan Island Hike & Run by Action Asia Events)

Why do you exercise in general?
Because I love running, it is a daily habit to me, also I want to travel to different places and run on different trail, it can widen my horizons.

What is your typical diet every day as do you take your food seriously like only eating healthy food 3x a day or how often in a week do you go on junk food or what you might call unhealthy binge?

I always eat out but I will try to pick some healthy food, however,I love eating dessert.

Who motivates you and why?

No specific person, but I admire Hong Kong’s runner because most of them need to squeeze time to run and they can still achieve good results.

If their was a slogan that you would love to tell the world, what would it be and how did you hear this?

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
(Forgot where it comes from) Training is always hard, but if I can endure it,there will be improvements.

Any expectations for Repulse Bay Action Sprint?

If I join the race ,I will try my best to finish it,my goal is always to enjoy the race.

Best regards,
Mei yan


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