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22 Aug, 2022

Sprint motivation for Repulse Bay - Christina Ong

Pre race Repulse Bay Action Sprint motivation - Christina Ong

(pic of Christina Ong finishing Maui event)

Why do you exercise in general?

I like being able to focus my extra uneven energy in some sort of task. I also enjoy the feeling of being strong.

What is your typical diet every day as do you take your food seriously like only eating healthy food 3x a day or how often in a week do you go on junk food or what you might call unhealthy binge?

I don't really follow a strict diet.
For breakfast I have a cup of coffee, a glass of fruit & vegetable smoothie, and eggs.
Lunch is rice with meat and greens or pasta.
Dinner is simar to lunch.
I almost always have dessert every night.
I eat junk food like chips and chocolate and alcohol on weekends.

Who motivates you and why?

My younger, sickly self. I had terrible asthma as a child and almost died because of it. I keep myself fit so I do not have to go take medications and spend time in hospitals.

If their was a slogan that you would love to tell the world, what would it be and how did you hear this?

"Beat the Blerch"
From the comic created by The Oatmeal.
I have it engraved on my old iPod.

Any expectations for Repulse Bay Action Sprint?

To finish the race happily. To enjoy the sights, the trail, to have a good time.

Christina Ong

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