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03 Sep, 2022

What a morning - Repulse Bay Sprint by OCA

Positive vibe at Repulse Bay Sprint with Whelan and McLeod on top

Action Sprint Repulse Bay in association with OCA -  

Sept 3, 2022 – Start time was 7:30am, birds were chirping, blue sky came out, slightly cooler at the start as for the elites it probably was a dream to finish the 14km Action Sprint Repulse Bay in association with OCA in just over an hour before the heat starting to cook the rest of the field, but the fact everyone could get outside for an organized Action Asia Event in the hills created numerous smiling faces creating a positive mood swing that is good for mental health.

In the front of the pack near the 6km point high up on the 424m Violet Hill there was a battle going on between Ryan Whelan, Lloyd Bradbury, James Park with all three within seconds of each other pushing hard up the climb. In the end it was Whelan who used his technical skills and endurance to grab the top of the Men’s podium in a blistering 1 hour 13 minutes 52 seconds with Bradbury not far behind in 1 hour 15 minutes 48 seconds with Park taking 3rd overall in respectable 1 hour 16 minutes 42 seconds . Rayda Kezaz grabbed 4th overall in 1 hour 19 minutes 6 seconds with Chris Davis (top Spartan HK athlete) sweating it out to take the final 5th position on the podium in 1 hour 20 minutes 18 seconds.

“Beautiful race, beautiful scenery, nice views coming down from the top (of Violet Hill) short race, so it was really fast, fast and furious and yeh, awesome to finish at the beach. Thank you, Action Asia” said overall Men’s winner Whelan (UK) from Gone Running-Joint Dynamics who spends his outside time as a fitness trainer.

Australian Lloyd Bradbury (Team TTRC) taken 2nd overall said “It was a fun race, definitely a tough race. Loved taking the little pockets of rays over the top. Overall yeh, felt good, didn’t quite feel good enough to hold on to first, but really, really happy and fun day out” said Bradbury who you could tell clearly will be thinking what strategy he will need next time to get that win after changing places in the lead.

British national James Park who has many podiums under his belt at different distances of past Action Asia Events grabbed 3rd overall and said “thank you very much to Action Asia this morning as what a great morning out after a boiling summer. It was beautiful crisp morning, racing was wonderful with everyone out there today, great result, everyone smiling, great to see, wonderful morning,” said Park.

In the Women’s 14km race it was Alice McLeod (UK) taking the overall title in 1 hour 42 minutes 30 seconds with Hannah Bainbridge taking 2nd overall in 1 hour 44 minutes 33 seconds while Magdalena Cvetkovic grabbed 3rd overall in 1 hour 49 minutes 1 second. Finishing the podium was Christina Flores taking 4th in 1 hour 49 minutes 30 seconds with Olivia Brocklehurst taking the final podium place in 1 hour 51 minutes 30 seconds.

“Very hot, very fast. I was chasing the first women up Violet Hill, turned out she was in the 9km race as didn’t know what distance she was doing, so that was quite challenging as she just peeled off and I didn’t know my position until the final downhill and then I gave it all I could to hold the position. Excellent race, it’s my first race in over a year with actual people, feels so good and great to be back” said overall Womens winner Alice McLeod.

Hannah Bainbridge (British) who took 2nd overall in the Women’s said “It’s just great to be racing again, the weather is perfect, to be up in the mountains and by the beach. It’s awesome. Thank you so much Action Asia Events” as clearly relishing the socializing, weather and positive vibe going on like so many others.

Magdalena Cvetkovic (Swiss) was all smiles after grabbing 3rd in the Women’s, but more from the emotional feeling of just competing again in Hong Kong. “I loved it. The trail was amazing. The sun is shining. Were living in the best flippin city in the world. Were living in Hong Kong. And we’re by the beach. And the best part about this is after such a long Covid break, we can finally race again. Thank you so much Action Asia” who clearly was on a high after a fantastic performance and just being outside with so many others loving the feeling of racing again which is so good for everyones mental health. The early morning weather was icing on the cake.

“Just wish the Hong Kong Government, especially the Health bureau, would realize the positive mental state that motivates and inspires all in sports is good for the soul, reduces stress and helps us all, which is badly needed after more than 2.5 years of nonstop sports restrictions. Can’t wait for the day when we are allowed bananas at our water check points” said Michael Maddess the course designer and race director of Action Asia Events.

The event could not have happened without the kind support of our associate sponsor OCA, with extra support from Bonaqua, Royale International, Action X Store, C3Fit, Torq, ClubOne Repulse Bay, Naak, SaveWo, St Johns Ambulance, New Life Plastics and the hard working marshals, staff, volunteers who got out of bed extra early to make it to Repulse Bay. Organized by Action Asia Events.

Next event is the CBRE Lantau 2 Peaks Oct 2, 2022.


Overall top 5 Men - 14km - Action Sprint Repulse Bay in association with OCA

Place - BIB# - First Name Last Name – Nationality -  Team / Sponsor Race - Time
1. (336) Ryan Whelan - (UK) - Gone Running - joint dynamics - 1:13:52
2. (312) Lloyd Bradbury - (Australian) - TTRC - 1:15:48
3. (224) James Park - (UK) - 1:16:42
4. (341) Rayda Kezaz - Gazelle Running Club - 1:19:06
5. (103) Chris Davis - 1:20:18

Overall top 5 Women - 14km - Action Sprint Repulse Bay in association with OCA

Place - BIB# - First Name Last Name – Nationality - Team / Sponsor Race - Time
1. (266) Alice McLeod (UK) 1:42:30
2. (101) Hannah Bainbridge - (UK) - 1:44:33
3. (377) Magdalena Cvetkovic - (Swiss) - 1:49:01
4. (339) Christina Flores - 1:49:30
5. (104) Olivia Brocklehurst - 1:51:30


Overall top 5 Men – 9 km - Action Sprint Repulse Bay in association with OCA
Place - BIB# - First Name Last Name - Team / Sponsor Race - Time
1. (548) Tak Lun Chung - 0:57:09
2. (540) Stephen Higgins -0:57:21
3. (527) Shan Ching Chan - 01:00:38
4. (569) Wing Jun Cheng - 01:00:46
5. (559) Michael Pennock -01:03:41

Overall top 5 Women – 9 km - Action Sprint Repulse Bay in association with OCA
Place - BIB# - First Name Last Name - Team / Sponsor Race - Time
1. (525) Melanie Wong - 01:05:54
2. (501) Helene Neto - NETO - 01:15:25
3. (568) Quennie Lee - Braces and Faces - 01:18:56
4. (566) Lauren James - 01:19:56
5. (576) Nikki Falconar - 01:24:08

Event Name: 

Action Sprint Repulse Bay in association with OCA - 2022


Saturday September 3, 2022


9 km, 14 km

Start Time:


Start Location:

Repulse Bay Beach (Club One), Hong Kong Island


Hiking and trail running options

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