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13 Nov, 2022

New kid on the rock as 18-year-old takes Hysan win with Women’s 22km going to Wong

New kid on the rock as 18-year-old takes Hysan win with Women’s 22km going to Wong for another podium performance at Hysan Island Hike & Run

Slowly restrictions drop as bananas welcomed at first event given permission for food in 3 years in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Nov 13, 2022

It’s funny what food can do to the human body when allowed to eat, but putting jokes aside about no food permission in almost 3 years, it was a welcome relief to see bananas at the 3 water checkpoints at the annual sold out Hysan Island Hike & Run at the capacity limit of 450 participants that kicked off Sunday (Nov 13) in Happy Valley with a lot of positivity and many feeling better about Hong Kong going forward in relaxing restrictions as the atmosphere was definitely more lively compared to past events.

Race organizers Action Asia Events received the official black n white government confirmation race week that bananas were allowed at water checkpoints after well over a year of lobbying the HKSAR government for permission to have food at a trail running mountain event. Even though only bananas race organizers felt it was a positive step forward in the opening of Hong Kong and hoping for more measures to be relaxed after the Rugby 7s recent event and the HK marathon allowed to go ahead with a larger capacity among other sports event announcements. Recycling bags were set up at all check points and the finish to pass the banana peels and any other food waste to a organic recycling green company to help the environment.

To participate in the Hysan Island Hike & Run trail event participants had to be triple vaccinated, take a PCR test within 48 hrs, do a RAT test race morning, have their leave home safe app scanned race morning to show they have blue code, social distance, wear face masks amongst other safety measures.

Surprising many was witnessing one of the future up an coming local rock stars of Hong Kong trail running, 18 year old Lo Lok-Yin, who went all out winning the Men’s 22 km category of the Hysan Island Hike & Run.  A stunning race by this new kid on the block. “I’m happy I can grab first place in this Hysan race today by Action Asia as the course was very difficult, but very beautiful. In the Twins (376m & 355m climbs near Stanley) it was very hard, but I felt very smooth today. So, I pushed a lot and finished it” said Lo Lok-Yin who clearly was a bit on the shy side, but relishing the feeling of the win finishing in 2 hours 15 minutes 3 seconds.

Second overall in the 22km was Hong Kong resident Mat Leng who just returned from the World champs representing Cambodia. “Perfectly organized race (with food at the check points - first time in 3 years!!!), on a beautiful day with summer like weather (mid-November!), on beautiful trails so close to home, followed by a post-race lunch at the beach with friends. Simply a perfect Sunday! This is the Hong Kong we love, this is the Hong Kong we have missed for the past 3 years. So glad things are slowly getting back to normal, thanks Action Asia Events for being at the forefront of getting trail races back in HK!” said Leng clearly happy with his podium performance on a tough fast Hysan course finishing in 2 hours 21 minutes 25 seconds.

Third in the Mens 22km was Alan Zagury (France) in 2 hours 22 minutes 33 seconds. "That was great, hot, tough as competitive field at Hysan event" being squeezed in narrowly between Mat Leng just over 1 minute in front and Limbu Yamanath of Nepal 12 seconds behind Zagury.

Hong Kong’s Wong Mei-yan grabbed the overall Women’s win in blistering 2 hours 40 minutes 25 seconds saying, “Happy to grab the overall Hysan Island Hike & Run win on such a gorgeous weather day together with food finally at the water checkpoints with bananas as look forward to more good news”.

Second in the 22km Women’s category was Sian O' Connor (Ireland) in 3 hours 9 minutes 55 seconds. “Great to have food on Hysan Island Hike & Run course after 3 years as nice to be able to have food halfway thru the course. Wonderfully organized race by Action Asia Events and look forward to the next one” said 2nd overall Women O’Conner in that lovely strong pitched Irish accent!

Delphine Riche-Franz (France) grabbed 3rd overall in the Women's 22km in 3 hours 27 minutes 32 seconds saying, "Just finished the Hysan Island race somewhere in Happy Valley. Hot day, but lucky very shady on a beautiful course design and thank you Action Asia Team as great to be back in Hong Kong".

For Hysan it’s the concept of promoting a healthy living through running in some of Hong Kong's most scenic trails. As a part of Hysan’s wider commitment to giving back to the community, the Company and Action Asia Events are proud to promote wellness and sustainability through this premier hiking and running event every year. Routes for the 3 distances include a 5km, 14km and 22km mainly located inside the Tai Tam Country Park with beautiful scenery and different levels of challenges. “We are thrilled to be able to sponsor a physical race again with participants of all ages and happy the Hysan Island Hike & Run event is at full capacity, showing how much people love the outdoors” said Mark Tung from Hysan.

Action Asia Events Director Michael Maddess was extremely happy with the feedback and believes it is only a short time when things will open up for all food to be allowed. “A great step forward for Hong Kong with the Hysan Island Hike & Run to be first in getting food permission but believe very soon the government will allow all categories of food soon as why wouldn’t they, as think if you can eat different meals in a restaurant, it’s only a matter of time where all food is allowed in the mountain. Looking forward to Hong Kong opening up to get tourists back and welcoming them to our events”.

The Hysan Island Hike & Run starts and finishes at Green Lane Service reservoir in Happy Valley with the 22km covering 1039m elevation gain and maximum 433m height, while the 14km category has around 681m elevation gain and 433m maximum height while the 5Km that goes over Violet Hill and covers close 390m elevation gain with a max elevation of 436m.

The Hysan Island Hike & Run could not have happened without the kind support of Hysan Properties, Lee Gardens, Royale International, Action X Store, Watsons water, C3Fit, Running Biji, Toi Toi, SaveWo, Alumni, Torq, Innocent beverages, St Johns Ambulance and Action Asia Events.



Men’s Top 5 overall – 22 km

Position / Bib# / First Name Last Name / Nationality / Sponsor /Time

1 (246) Lok Yin 樂賢 Lo 羅 - (HKSAR) - 02:15:03

2 (252) Mat Leng - (Cambodia) - 02:21:25

3 (178) Alan Zagury-  (France) - 02:22:33

4 (230) Limbu Yamanath -(Nepal) - 02:22:45

5 (216) Labin Gurung (Nepal) - Run Nepal 02:25:56

Women’s Top 5 overall – 22 km

Position / Bib# / First Name Last Name / Nationality / Sponsor /Time

1 (204) Mei yan 美欣 Wong 黃 -  (HKSAR)- 02:40:25

2 (196) Sian O' Connor -(Ireland)- 03:09:55

3 (235) Delphine Riche-Franz (France)- 03:27:32

4 (184) Sabrina Lau - (HKSAR) - 03:33:14

5 (173) Donna 單 Jiang 蔣 Women (HKSAR) - 03:53:39

Men’s Top 5 overall – 14 km

Position / Bib# / First Name Last Name / Nationality / Sponsor /Time

1 (379) Yiu Fun Jonathan 耀動 Lau 劉 -(HKSAR) 步風 01:34:03

2 (477) Binod Gurung (Nepal) - 01:41:25

3 (438) Greg David - (France) - 01:43:20

4 (437) Creighton Connolly -(Canada) - Gone Runners 01:44:59

5 (446) Yuk Tong 玉堂 Lee 李 (HKSAR) - 01:45:29

Women’s Top 5 overall – 14 km

Position / Bib# / First Name Last Name / Nationality / Sponsor /Time

1 (464) Katherine 喜琦 Lim 林 (HKSAR) Greenobo 01:50:08

2 (471) Magdalena Cvetkovic (Switzerland) - 01:52:24

3 (487) Limbu Dilu (India) - 01:57:56

4 (392) Helene Neto (France) - Neto- 02:04:32

5 (308) Mandy 鎔銘 Pao 包 (HKSAR) - 02:08:46

Men’s Top 5 overall – 5 km

Position / Bib# / First Name Last Name / Nationality / Sponsor /Time

1 (866) Dominik Hahn (Germany) - 00:45:19
2 (879) Agost A. Makszin (Hungary) - 00:47:01
3 (867) Christoph Lidman (Sweden) - 00:47:25
4 (802) WAI KIN 偉健 LIU 廖 (HKSAR) - 00:48:59
5 (864) Yin Wing 彥榮 Fu 符 (HKSAR) - 00:49:03

Women’s Top 5 overall – 5 km

Position / Bib# / First Name Last Name / Nationality / Sponsor /Time

1 (877) Laetitia MONTFORT (France) - 00:48:45
2 (891) Wan Yan Gloria Chu (HKSAR) - 00:49:39
3 (861) Siukwan Catia 單君 Leung 梁 (HKSAR) - 00:56:20
4 (863) Yin Wing 妍穎 Wong 黃 (HKSAR) - 00:56:47
5 (832) Maureen Corpuz (Philippines) - 01:00:35

All results at:



Event Name

HYSAN Island Hike and Run


Nov 13, 2022 (Sunday)

Start Time

8:00 a.m - 22km , 8:01 am 14km/5km. (wave starts)

Start Location

Green Lane Service Reservoir (Tai Hang Rd & Wang Nai Chung Gap Rd, Happy Valley, Hong Kong Island

Finish Location

Green Lane Service Reservoir (Tai Hang Rd & Wang Nai Chung Gap Rd, Happy Valley, Hong Kong Island


5km, 14km, 22km


Trail Running and Hiking

Website Hysan event page


More Race Details at: 





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