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11 Nov, 2022

Weather perfect with food permission for Hysan Island Hike & Run

Weather perfect with food at checkpoints for Hysan Island Hike & Run

Restrictions still in force but step forward for Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Nov 11, 2022

Bananas will be allowed for the first time in almost 3 years at this weekend’s annual Hysan Island Hike & Run that kicks off in Happy Valley Sunday with a few nervous participants taking the fitness challenge for the first time with all following strict pandemic measures.

Race organizers Action Asia Events received the official black n white government confirmation race week that bananas are allowed at checkpoints after over 1.5 years of lobbying the HKSAR government for permission to have food at an event. Even though only bananas race organizers feel it’s a positive step forward in the opening of Hong Kong and hoping for more measures to be relaxed after the Rugby 7s recent event and the HK marathon allowed to go ahead with a larger capacity among other sports event announcements.

Participants still must be triple vaccinated, take a PCR test within 48 hrs, do a RAT test race morning, have their leave home safe app scanned race morning to show they have blue code, social distance, wear face masks amongst other safety measures.

This year’s Hysan Island Hike & Run had a very good response for training sessions at Lee Gardens 3 new indoor running track with 6 sessions starting 2 months before the actual race with all at full capacity of over 30 people with more than half saying they had never participated in a real trail race before showing that more people are taking to the outdoors looking after their fitness.

For Hysan it’s the concept of promoting a healthy living through running in some of Hong Kong's most scenic trails. As a part of Hysan’s wider commitment to giving back to the community, the Company and Action Asia Events are proud to promote wellness and sustainability through this premier hiking and running event every year. Routes for the 3 distances include a 5km, 14km and 22km mainly located inside the Tai Tam Country Park with beautiful scenery and different levels of challenges. “We are thrilled to be able to sponsor a physical race again with participants of all ages and happy the Hysan Island Hike & Run event is at full capacity, showing how much people love the outdoors” said Mark Tung from Hysan.

Action Asia Events Director Michael Maddess was happy to see things getting better, but clearly hoping for more. “The good news is that it is a positive step forward with the Hysan event being the first trail running event in Hong Kong to get permission for food in almost 3 years which will help Hong Kong go forward, together with other international events slowly coming back on the calendar. Maybe only bananas allowed, but we believe the momentum will keep building with less restrictions soon”.

The Hysan Island Hike & Run starts and finishes at Green Lane Service reservoir in Happy Valley with the 22 km covering 1039m elevation gain and maximum 433m height, while the 14 km category has around 681m elevation gain and 433m maximum height while the 5 km that goes over Violet Hill and covers close 390m elevation gain with a max elevation of 436m.

The Hysan Island Hike & Run could not have happened without the kind support of Hysan Properties, Lee Gardens, Royale International, Action X Store, Watsons water, C3Fit, Running Biji, Toi Toi, SaveWo, Alumni, Torq, Innocent beverages,St Johns Ambulance and Action Asia Events.


Event Name

HYSAN Island Hike and Run


Nov 13, 2022 (Sunday)

Start Time

8:00 a.m. (wave starts)

Start Location

Green Lane Service Reservoir (Tai Hang Rd & Wang Nai Chung Gap Rd, Happy Valley, Hong Kong Island

Finish Location

Green Lane Service Reservoir (Tai Hang Rd & Wang Nai Chung Gap Rd, Happy Valley, Hong Kong Island


5km, 14km, 22km


Trail Running and Hiking

Website Hysan event page


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