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20 Nov, 2023

Jiang and Chou praise technical course marking - Taiwan Action Asia 50

Jiang and Chou praise Skyrunning course marking on technical Taiwan Action Asia 50

Nov 18 2023 - Taipei - Action Asia Event organizers put a massive amount of effort into course marking the technical ridgeline course of the Taiwan Action Asia 50 which covers over 3000m elevation gain and 3000m elevation loss for one of Taiwan's only Skyrunning races on the calendar for the Ultra Skymarathon which returned to Shihmen Reservoir, Saturday November 18th after no races over the pandemic.

Tsai 蔡 Jung Chun 榮峻 came from behind to get past Jiang 江 Yu Jian 羽健 for the overall 50km title in the Men’s field of the Taiwan Action Asia 50 at Shihmen Reservoir finishing in 6 hours 51 minutes 56 seconds with Jiang placing 2nd overall in 06:58:34. The top 5 was a clean sweep for the strong Taiwanese field with Tsai 蔡 Ming-Je 銘哲 TPE - 07:10:01 taking 3rd overall, Liu 劉 Hsi-Shan 錫山 TPE - 07:17:20 grabbing 4th overall, and Wang 王 Chia Chieh 家杰 taking 5th overall in 07:25:30.

In the Women’s 50km field it was very competitive also with all top 5 Women constantly trading places thru the race.

Tsai 蔡 Jung Chun 榮峻 was full of praise for the course and the competition. “Elevation was good, descents and accents were great, technical, adding to the beautiful views on the course mixing it up with the other strong runners I had to contend with. So much fun. Highly recommend as good marking on course.” Said overall men’s Taiwan Action Asia 50 winner Tsai in 6 hours 51 minutes 56 seconds.

Second overall in the Men’s 50km and very experienced in ultras was Jiang 江 Yu Jian 羽健 from Taiwan. “I’m from Taipei. The Taiwan Action Asia Shihmen course is very beautiful and long. The back half mountains are tough, technical and challenging with many hills. The scenery is very good. Nice race.  Today’s race is accumulated best of Taiwan with water, mountains, ropes, scenery. The temperature was perfect.” Said Jiang 江 Yu Jian 羽健 who finished in 6 hours 58 minutes 34 seconds.

Overall Women’s 50km winner Tsai 蔡 Jung Chun 榮峻 - from New Taipei City said was a lot of fun. The competition was very fierce today as the top 5 women were really fast all trading places for the lead and finishing within half an hour of each other. Great course marking as very clear and good staff on course. Well organized” said Tsai who finished the Taiwan Action Asia 50 km course in 6 hours 51 minutes 56 seconds.

Second by just over 1 minute was Taiwan’s Chuang 莊 Chi Jing 智晶  finishing in 7 hours 27 minutes 58 seconds. “Oh it was hard as we changed positions with different women and could see each other thru the race on a technical difficult course, but thank you for great course marking along the Action Asia route. So nice running in the dark as great experience” said Chuang.

German national who came to Taiwan for the race representing Team Schamel grabbed 3rd overall in 7 hours 31 minutes. “I live in Munich and go running in the mountains all the time. It was a very cool day, beautiful scenery, very nice sunrise in the morning, very nice people on the trail, everyone was cheering us along as we passed them and it was really fun to run with these fast ladies from here in Taiwan as we were taking turns and very nice atmosphere. Highly recommend Action Asia said Johann.

The Taiwan Action Asia 50 could not happen without all the hard working Taiwan marshals, staff, medical staff, ambulance crew, first aid response team, emergency medical team, transport officials and without the generous support of our supporting partners Royale International, Akiwei sunglasses, UP gels, MaxPure, Action X Store, Chaiin Hotel Dongmen, FeedZone Café, Action Asia Sports Academy.

Action Asia Events organizes extraordinary ultra marathons, trail and adventure running events to inspire in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Nepal and across Asia for adrenaline junkies listed at. www.actionasiaevents.com

Race Results - Taiwan Action Asia 50:

50 km Men overall

Overall – BIB - Last Name - First Name – Nationality - Team /  Time

1 (176) Tsai 蔡 Jung Chun 榮峻 - TPE - 6:51:56

2 (169) Jiang 江 Yu Jian 羽健 - TPE - 6:58:34

3 (251) Tsai 蔡 Ming-Je 銘哲 - TPE - 7:10:01

4 (184) Liu 劉 Hsi-Shan 錫山 - TPE - 7:17:20

5 (161) Wang 王 Chia Chieh 家杰 - TPE - 7:25:30

50 km Women overall

Overall – BIB - Last Name - First Name – Nationality - Team /  Time

1 (260) Chou 周 Yi Chun 怡君 - TPE - 7:26:41

2 (245) Chuang 莊 Chi Jing 智晶 - TPE - 7:27:58

3 (271) Johann Anni - Germany - Team Schamel - 7:31:18

4 (253) Chu 朱 Shu-Hsien 紓嫻 - TPE - 7:50:19

5 (142) Chen 陳 Hsiu Ching 秀卿 - TPE - MERRELL野人幫 - 8:05:34

21 km Men overall

Overall – BIB - Last Name - First Name – Nationality - Team /  Time

1 (674) Chang 張 Chih Yuan 致遠 - TPE - 2:02:41

2 (593) Sung 宋 Ricky 睿啟 - TPE - 2:09:35

3 (681) Chen 程 Yiming 義銘 - TPE - 2:18:26

4 (586) Chen 陳 Chia Ho 家鉌 - TPE - 2:30:14

5 (502) Hou 侯 Hsiang Jen 翔仁 - TPE - Current ⚡️ - 2:31:59

21 km Women overall

Overall – BIB - Last Name - First Name – Nationality - Team /  Time

1 (665) Kao 高 Chin Han 敬涵 - TPE - 2:59:16

2 (704) Chien 簡 Ling Chih 伶芷 - TPE - 3:08:33

3 (548) Wu 吳 Yi Chin 宜津 - TPE - 3:10:20

4 (532) Hamed Sarah - Germany - 3:11:05

5 (598) Lin 林 Yi-Sin 奕欣 - TPE - 3:13:07

14 km Men overall

Overall – BIB - Last Name - First Name – Nationality - Team /  Time

1 (909) Geoffraye Romain - France - 1:28:31

2 (908) Wu 吳 Yu Chia 有家 - TPE - 1:43:06

3 (872) Chen 陳 Kuan Hao 冠豪 - TPE - 1:47:49

4 (888) Weng 鑫 Chi-Kuan 霽寛 - TPE - 1:49:13

5 (802) Yeh 葉 Ting Wei 廷威 - TPE - 1:50:24

14 km Women overall

Overall – BIB - Last Name - First Name – Nationality - Team /  Time

1 (822) Tsai 蔡 Yi Shin 依欣 - TPE - 2:00:33

2 (859) Tsai 蔡 Ming Hsiu 明秀 - TPE 野跑菜鳥團 2:11:06

3 (832) Huang 黃 Yu Han 郁涵 - TPE - 2:11:27

4 (867) Lin 林 Ai Chuan 愛娟 - TPE - 靠背越野 - 2:11:40

5 (845) Bandola Junelyn - Philippines - Joliibee - 2:13:26

Race Info

Event Name

Taiwan Action Asia 50


Nov 18, 2023 (Saturday)

Start Time

50 km - 5am

21 km/14 km - 6:15am

Start Location

Shihmen Reservoir, Taoyuan County, Taiwan


50 km, 21 km, 14 km




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Action Asia Events is the organizer of spectacular, extraordinary remote marathons for adventure travel seekers & trail running enthusiasts that inspire and push the boundaries of participants. Having organized over 290 events over the past 23 years Action Asia Events constantly keeps inspiring and pushes the boundaries of adventure travel, ultra-marathon and team building. Responsibilities range from designing courses, selection of the venue, dates and race format to raising the funds essential to run the race as well as liaising with NGO’s and non-profits for fund raising activities related to environment, education and health.

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