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12 Apr, 2024

Just a running belt with flasks - Wettstein on the Sprints

Fast pace in the heat and humidity - Interview withSalomon Wettstein

Action Sprint Trail Series kicks off in Sai Kung April 14


HONG KONG, Friday April 12, 2024 - We managed to catch up with Salomon Wettstein for a little Q&A before race 1 of the 3 race Action Sprint Trail Series in Hong Kong.


Q1. Name & profession?

Salomon Wettstein, Managing Partner at Synpulse.

Q2. How did you first get involved in trail running, and what motivated you to participate in the Action Sprint Trail series? (or Sai Kung leg)

My first trail race was in Switzerland, running along a glacier in the Alps. While the peaks in Hong Kong are not standing as tall, they're equally beautiful and demanding. Sai Kung offers some of the most beautiful trails in Hong Kong, and the Action Asia Sprint Trail Series is one of the oldest and most iconic events. It's an old-time favorite!

Q3. Can you share some insights into your training routine leading up to this weekend's race? Any specific strategies or challenges you encountered during your preparation?

I'm currently getting back into high volume weeks with speed training and hard strength sessions to prepare for my main ultra-trail race in Europe in summer. While this race is a bit too short for me, it's a nice distraction from the usual routine.

Q4. What aspects of the Action Sprint Trail series race are you most excited about, and what makes it unique compared to other trail running events you've participated in?

I'm excited about the fast course. It's faster than most trail races in Hong Kong. It's going to be hard to keep pushing a fast pace in the heat and humidity, but the event is well organized with plenty of hydration points at CPs.

Q5. How do you mentally and physically prepare yourself to tackle the diverse terrain and elevation changes that are characteristic of trail running races?

My preparation includes running both on trails and on the road. While I prefer the trails, I learned how important it is to do speed and threshold training on rolling hills to be best prepared for faster trail races. Threshold sessions prepare you also mentally to be able to push thru pain.

Q6. Have you had the opportunity to preview the race course? If so, what are your impressions? Any particular sections or challenges you're looking forward to or preparing for?

I've been running this course many times as living now right next to it. It has everything from short, steep climbs and downhill at the beginning with beautiful views of the most famous beaches in Hong Kong, to a hilly road section, followed by a fast single trail, before a sprint finish on the road again.

Q7. What are your goals and expectations for this weekend's race? Are you aiming for a specific time, or is there a personal achievement you're targeting?

I have no particular goals this time, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of AAE races and the great running community.

Q8. What kind of equipment and gear do you consider essential for these Sprints to ensure you're adequately prepared for the demands of the race?

Important for such a fast sprint race is to run as light as possible. Just a running belt with flasks and gels and light shoes that have a strong grip. The trails are still slippery from recent rain and the humidity.

Q9. Finally, can you describe the sense of camaraderie and community among trail runners? How does the supportive atmosphere contribute to your overall experience during races like the Action Sprint Trail series?

The Hong Kong trail running community is unique, and I always enjoy seeing many friends and fellow competitors enjoying the beauty of our country parks. No matter if you go fast or slow, the angels at the cleck points will cheer you on and push you to finish. Thank you to the race organizer and all the supporters for making these races so special!

Photo: by William at the Sai Kung 50 2024 with Salomon Wettstein in the red going on to claim 2nd place.

Race Info


Event Name

Action SPRINT Trail series - Sai Kung


April 14, 2024 (Sunday)

Start Time

8:00 am

Start / Finish Location

Pak Tam Chung, Sai Kung, NT, Hong Kong


12 km & 18 km


Hiking and Trail Running




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