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12 Apr, 2024

No training for a while - Had to use leftover energy - Chan Lup interview - Action Sprint Sai Kung

Had to use leftover energy - Dust Chan interview - Action Sprint Sai Kung

Action Sprint Trail Series kicks off in Sai Kung April 14


HONG KONG, Friday April 12, 2024 - We managed to catch up with Dust Chan Wing Yee (Chan Lup) for a little Q&A before race 1 of the 3 race Action Sprint Trail Series in Hong Kong.

Main photo - 2nd women on far left in awards for Hysan Island Hike & Run 2023.


Q1. Name & profession?

Dust Chan Wing Yee, OL (nickname Chan Lup)

Chan 陳Wing Yee 詠儀 

Q2. How did you first get involved in trail running, and what motivated you to participate in the Action Sprint Trail series? (or Sai Kung leg)

When Covid hit, there was no road races.  However, trail running still had some races so I did the Action Sprint Trail that year.  The course was good and so was the environment so I keep on doing it.

因為covid 路賽停咗,之後果時山賽未暫停就俾朋友叫左嚟玩!玩過action sprint trail 第一次嘅比賽後覺得氣氛同路線設計都唔錯!所以keep住都有報嚟玩

Q3. Can you share some insights into your training routine leading up to this weekend's race? Any specific strategies or challenges you encountered during your preparation?

Stay positive, rest enough.  Three weeks ago, I did the last oversea marathon for the year, then went on a 3 weeks vacation, so there was no training at all for a while.  Hope that I can use my leftover energy and make this a good race for me.


Q4. What aspects of the Action Sprint Trail series race are you most excited about, and what makes it unique compared to other trail running events you've participated in?

I am looking forward to CBRE Lantau 2 Peaks.  Long time ago, this was a race that my friend drag me to do as my first race.  Back then, I just wanted to finish.  Now, I want to chase for a personal best time. Sprints will help the training.

CBRE Lantau 2 Peaks 因為呢個路線就係當時俾朋友叫玩第一個比賽!果時只係求完成今次想追時間!短跑有助於訓練

Q5. How do you mentally and physically prepare yourself to tackle the diverse terrain and elevation changes that are characteristic of trail running races?

During my training, I will add some core training.  Also, must try the route before the actual race day.  If weather is bad, I will run in stairs inside to train and also I need to adjust my sleeping pattern to make for a good time.


Q6. Have you had the opportunity to preview the race course? If so, what are your impressions? Any particular sections or challenges you're looking forward to or preparing for?

I just got back to HK so I didn’t have time.  However, I am looking forward to the scenery and also talking to runners while on course together.


Q7. What are your goals and expectations for this weekend's race? Are you aiming for a specific time, or is there a personal achievement you're targeting?

This race, I am just going into it with a normal attitude.  If I can make a good time, I will be happy.  Will do my best.


Q8. What kind of equipment and gear do you consider essential for these Sprints to ensure you're adequately prepared for the demands of the race?

Because this weekend will be hot.  I plan to bring some suntan lotion, very breathable clothes, a small waist pack with some gels and water bottle.


Q9. Finally, can you describe the sense of camaraderie and community among trail runners? How does the supportive atmosphere contribute to your overall experience during races like the Action Sprint Trail series?

During the race, will be encouragement with other runners is always good.  Volunteers at checkpoints are always helpful too.  Hope that the photographer will get some good photos with scenery. 

各參加者係比賽中遇到大家都會互相拍下山或者叫加油!補給站都會有人打氣!而且攝影師會係好靚嘅角度拍攝相片!衝線時都有好多人叫喊!所以每次action sprint 比賽都好享受!會叫埋朋友一齊參加!


Race Info


Event Name

Action SPRINT Trail series - Sai Kung


April 14, 2024 (Sunday)

Start Time

8:00 am

Start / Finish Location

Pak Tam Chung, Sai Kung, NT, Hong Kong


12 km & 18 km


Hiking and Trail Running




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