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May 05 / 2018

Families enjoy outdoor nature at Action Asia Kayak n Run

Action Asia Kayak n RunSeries 2018

Race 1 – May 5 – Deep Water Bay

Race 2 – June 2 – Discovery Bay

Race 3 – June / July – Tai Tam Bay

Families enjoy outdoor nature at Action Asia Kayak n Run

Royal X grabbed adult race champion at series opener - Deep Water Bay  

HONG KONG, May 5, 2018 – The much-anticipated opener of the annual Action Asia Kayak n Run Series was successfully held at Deep Water Bay. Other than the 8:30 am adult race, the organizer Action Asia Events also maintained the tradition of holding the family category event (started at 7:30 am). Immersed in nature, parents and kids had a memorable bonding time during the family event.

Team 00Flash (James Parsons and Jack Parsons) motivated all families to play harder by finishing the course in an outstanding time of 32 minutes and 24 seconds while Royal X snatches the top spot of the Adult podium with an impressive time of 1 hour 28 minutes 46 seconds on the 4km Ocean Kayak and 5 km mountain technical trail run.

For the Adult race, Ryan Whelan and Gianni Aprea of team Royal X grabbed the champion and the Keysun prize after the challenging race with strong team spirit (1:28:46) ahead of Team UGLOW (Adrien Choux and Antoine Epinette -1:32:46) who came a close second. Team Package 2 came third rounding the adult race podium (Joshua Craddock and Craig Tuckerman - 1:46:01).

Team Royal X was satisfied with the result and spoke highly of the race and the view and was tested by the challenging course. “Great race, this race was very challenging. The scenery was also very enjoyable, especially when we were going up mount Nicolson, that’s a scenery we don’t see very often in Hong Kong” said Whelan. “The combination of Kayaking and running is challenging as it wasn’t only testing us physically, but mentally as well. Overall a really good race and I would definitely recommend this race to my friends,” said Aprea.

Diving into the women’s category, first time participating in this race, team Unicorn (Sophia Kaschowitz and Andrea Diener) won the women’s title with the time of 1 hour 53 minute and 31 seconds. “As the course was very challenging, we really had to act as a team to finish the race which made the race really enjoyable,” said Kaschowitz. “As this is our first time, we have found the race very exciting and fun, the scenery is great as well, I would definitely recommend this race to our friends,” said Diener. For the mix categories team Gimme a bear (Nicola Kwan and Cyril Gomez) got first with the astounding time of 1 hour 49 minutes and 56 seconds.

Before the adult teams had their intense battle, family teams had a fun time bright and early for the 7:30 a.m race. They started off in the 3 km ocean kayak and ended with a 2.5km run course with splashes and laughter as they navigated their way down Deep Water Bay towards the middle island and returned for a joyful run along the Mills and Chung Path towards Ocean Park direction with nice ocean views and finishing back at Deep Water Bay.

As the first team finished the family event, Team 00Flash (James Parsons and Jack Parsons) shared their experience with excitement. “This was a great event and very enjoyable. It’s our fourth or fifth Kayak n Run and I think it’s a great opportunity to get your kids out. The surrounding scenery is very stunning, and we want to try a longer run next time,” said the father, James Parsons. “I like this race as it is one of the rare occasions that I get to compete with my daddy as my teammate and kayaking was also a really fun and enjoyable part of the event,” said James, the 12-year-old.

The Action Asia Kayak n Run Series – Deep Water Bay could not happen without the generous support of Action X Store, C3fit, Salonsip, Key Sun Zinke, OL&N and Action Asia Foundation.


Race Result

Action Asia Kayak n Run 2018 - Deep Water Bay


Rank – Team/Sponsor – Name – Time 

Overall Top 3 Teams

1st – Royal X – Ryan Whelan / Gianni Aprea – 1:28:46

2nd – Uglow – Adrien Choux / Antoine Epinette – 1:32:46

3rd – Package 2 – Craig Tuckerman / Joshua Craddock – 1:46:01

Men Combined Age 36+

1st – Paddle Power– George Anfilogoff/ Ryan Black – 1:54:10

2nd – TNF Explorers – Ts Wei Lee / Wai Hei Lee – 01:58:20

Men Combined Age 60+

1st – Royal X– Ryan Whelan / Gianni Aprea – 1:28:46

2nd – Uglow – Adrien Choux / Antoine Epinette – 1:32:46

3rd – Package 2 – Craig Tuckerman / Joshua Craddock – 1:46:01

Men Combined Age 80+

1st – n/a – Peter Dawis / Marcus de la Mare – 1:53:38

2nd – 3s – Kin Wa Fung / Chi Yuen Lau – 1:54:19

3rd – Team Breizh – Sebastien Hesry / Nicolas Brindjone – 2:12:05

Mixed Combined Age 36+

1st – Gimme a beer– Nicola Kwan / Cyril Gomez – 1:49:56

2nd – Sweating for the wedding – Jamie Millar / Hannah McManus – 1:51:03

3rd -  n/ a – Canetti Chung / Jim Tsang – 1:54:55

Mixed Combined Age 70+

1st – Mini Soda – Kenneth Lee/ Jenny Barret – 1:57:15

2nd – LES POULLE– Magali Chevalier / Marc – Antoine Poulle – 2:06:32

3rd – Team Possible – Kim Yu / Jack Bennet – 2:08:33

Women’s Team

1st – Unicorn – Sophia Kaschowitz / Andrea Diener – 1:53:31

2nd – Sangria Bubbles– Sangita Rai / Angel Chan – 02:07:35

3rd – Magical Unicorns – Imogen Short / Lucy Mcnally – 2:14:33


For full result or more details, please visit: http://www.actionasiaevents.com/


Race Info

Event Name

Action Asia Kayak n Run Series – Deep Water Bay


May 5, 2018 (Saturday)

Start Time

7:30 am. for Family Category

8:30 am. for Adult Category

Start Location

Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong


Family: 3km kayak & 2.5km run

Adult: 4km kayak & 5km run


Kayaking and running near Middle Island near the beautiful Deep Water Bay. Kayak, paddles and life vests provided


To enjoy beautiful sceneries off the main trails and explore locations people don't usually go to.


For more race details, please visit below:







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