24 Oct-22 Nov, 2020


2020 - HK50 - Hong Kong Island VIRTUAL

 24 Oct-22 Nov, 2020
 Peak, Hong Kong Trail hike and run options

Event Info 賽事簡介

HK50 virtual (both 24km & 50km) will be Oct 24-Nov 15, 2020 (23 days long) and the actual HK50 rescheduled new date will be Jan 23, 2021. All participants who entered the HK50 originally will receive free entry in the HK50 2020 virtual run.

Where to purchase drinks - EASY TO PURCHASE AT 24km mark at Sinopec petrol station at Wong Nai Chung Gap. 

Entry fee - HKD 68 (includes warrior bandana, ebib, ecertificate and more)

Instructions for uploading file - scroll down to see link for uploading your file after running 24km or 50km.


Event Name:


HK50 - Hong Kong Island VIRTUAL

香港50越野跑系列 –港島50 VIRTUAL



October 24 - Nov 15, 2020 (23 DAYS)


Start Time:


Anytime between Oct 24-Nov 15, 2020

Start Location:


Peak Galleria, The Peak, Hong Kong Island

山頂廣場, 山頂, 香港島

Finish Location:


Wong Nai Chung Gap, Hong Kong Island

(Wong Nai Chung Gap Children's Playground)

黃泥涌峽, 香港島




24km, 50km

24公里, 50公里



Trail Running and Hiking



A great introductory course for the HK50 series as this first 24km of 50km category is not high in elevation and rolling flat areas along the HK trail (Hong Kong Trail with small additional loop around Mt Bennet) to make up lots of kilometers and not terribly difficult until you hit the 2nd half with lots of short steep climbs going around Mt Parker, then the fun starts with Mt Butler, Jardines Lookout and Violet Hill to add to the fun and pain. The course for the 24km category is same on the HK trail as the first 24km of the 50km category.



Transport from finish location

Participants and friends can take bus or green minibus to various location in Hong Kong from Wong Nai Chung Gap Road. It takes about 5 minutes walk from Finish during the race day



No.6 – <Central – Stanley>

No.41A - <North Point Ferry Pier- Wah Fu>

No.76 - <Causeway Bay – Shek Pei Wan>

Green Minibus

No.5 - <Causeway Bay- Aberdeen>






6 -  <中環-赤柱>

41A - <北角碼頭-華富>

76 - <銅鑼灣-石排灣>


5 - <銅鑼灣-香港仔>



Dear registered Participants,

Thank you for your participation in HK50 race.  However, due to COVID-19, we had to reschedule the race to the time of January 2021.  In the meantime, we are offering you the race to be done by Virtual anytime from October 24th to November 15th.  Please following the simple steps below:


  1. You are automatically enrolled free of charge to the Virtual Race of HK50 if you already registered and paid in the main HK50 event.

  2. Send us a photo of yourself and we will make a personalized bib of you to share with friends and family.  Please email your name and team name/sponsor name/charity details to cs@actionasiaevents.com

  3. Follow the rules that are listed at official site as the main thing is if you have support please only use at areas around checkpoint locations.


Enjoy the race!!!


  1. HK50 virtual event must take place from October 24th to November 15th.  The latest run completion time must take place before November 15th at the time of 11:59pm.


  1. To become a finisher, you must finish the actual course and submit the Elapsed time and Moving time to us at https://forms.gle/bq5R1zecUX2w32EG6



  1. The virtual complete run must finish within 24 hours which is the cut-off.  Anything shorter than the actual course will not be accepted.  There are two methods of submission.  One is Elapsed Time, and the other is Moving Time.  (Elapsed time is the duration from the moment you hit start on the device to the moment you finish activity.  Moving time is the time measured which while you were active).


Submission for the information will be based on Elapsed time, Moving Time, Elevation, Distance. 

Elapsed Time


Moving Time





24 km


  1. Ranking will be calculated on the overall elapsed timing based on the GPX or other submission from start to finish.


  1. It is your own responsibility for the tracking of the race and many distance trackers you can use.


  1. Submission for the race must be done no later than November 16th.  The website for submission is https://forms.gle/bq5R1zecUX2w32EG6 Kindly email us a backup copy to guarantee we get it at cs@actionasiaevents.com


  1. As the virtual event is difficult for us to enforce, in terms of the spirit of the event, if you are going to have support teams/individuals helping you, please only give support at the official water checkpoints which are located near Peel Rise Catchwater, Wong Nai Chung Gap, Mt. Parker Rd and Quarry Gap and no other locations on the course.

  2. Don’t forget to share your e-bibs to your friends on social media to help us spread the word.


All the best and good luck,

The Action Asia Events Team





多謝各位參加 HK50比賽。  因應新冠肺炎,比賽會改期至2021年一月份。

其間,我們為大家提供了線上跑於 10月24日至11月15日。  請跟以下:








1. HK50線上跑比賽活動必須在10月24日至11月15日舉行。完成時間必須在11月15日晚上11:59之前進行。


2. 完成後,您必須在https://forms.gle/bq5R1zecUX2w32EG6向我們提交“全程時間”和“移動時間”



3. 比賽必須在截止日期的24小時內完成。比實路線短將不被接受。有兩種提交方法。一個是全程時間,另一個是移動時間。 (全程的時間是指從設備啟動開始到完成活動為止的時間。移動時間是指您處於活動狀態的時間)。












6.必須在11月16日之前完成比賽的時間提交。提交網站為https://forms.gle/bq5R1zecUX2w32EG6 也可請通過電子郵件將備份副本發送給我們,以確保我們cs@actionasiaevents.com獲得該副本