10 Nov-12 Nov, 2023


2023 - NEPAL Action Asia 3 day ULTRA

 10 Nov-12 Nov, 2023
 Kathmandu, Nepal Trail hike and run options

Equipment List 裝備

*Mandatory equipment to be carried when racing each day – per person (watch this space for updates): (TIME PENALTY OR EVEN DISQUALIFICATION WILL BE IMPOSED FOR THOSE NOT FOLLOWING MANDATORY LIST AS ITS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY).

  • Hydration system (min 1.5-liter capacity) Camelbak style drinking system (2 LITRE RECOMMENDED) - can be a combination of example 1 liter hydration bladder and 1 x 500ml water bottle or flask
  • First aid kit with basic essentials for cuts (gauze, bandages, wrapping tape (at least 24 inches length to go around leg 3x), antiseptic liquid, and pain over counter medication (example Tylenol, Advil, Ibuprofen) - note antiseptic should be a liquid to pour into a wound and NOT wipes as they can NOT penetrate into a wound efficiently to kill bacteria.
  • Rain or spray jacket (lightweight Salomon, North Face, Icebreaker recommended)
  • Running shoes - Trail running shoes with very good grip recommended (example - Inov-8, Salomon, North Face, Hoka, Brooks)
  • Food/energy bars/dried fruit/nuts etc to get you thru 4-12 hours each day (at least 250 calories carried for emergency)
  • 1 x emergency freeze-dried meal or noodle pack that you can add hot water at a village (at least 250 calories)
  • 1 x water purification tablet (for drinking out of river or tap if emergency) (or water purifier as the substitute)
  • Whistle
  • Compass

Recommended items: (NOT MANDATORY)

  • Hiking poles
  • Plastic map holder or ziploc to keep map dry
  • Sleeping bag (min 10C rating) - (Hotel has blankets so not necessary but more for hygiene reasons)
  • 1 x headlamp with new batteries
  • Freeze dried food for meals in villages as hot water provided (free food provided at hotel Fri morning and Mon night/Tues morning)
  • Headlamp, flashlight or torch for the village at night
  • Extra batteries
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sun cream
  • Energy food for you to do the race (nuts, dried fruit, peanuts, Chinese crackers, etc)
  • Energy bars or gels for three days
  • Energy powder replacement packets to add to water for your electrolytes or Nuun tablets
  • Hat with neck cover for running
  • Lubricant gel or vaseline for chafing prevention
  • Lightweight camera in a waterproof bag
  • Flip-flop sandals for after race
  • Blister kit
  • Rolling foam for sore muscles
  • Travel Insurance - All participants to have their own travel insurance covering personal items and hospital evacuation.

 NOTE - Boiled water provided every 10km & Food can be purchased in the village where you are staying (basic Nepalese biscuits, noodles, bread).


*進行賽事其間指定裝備 - 每人每日 (請留意此欄更新):

  • 水袋 (容量最少1.5公升) 背囊式水袋裝置
  • 基本急救包 (膠布、繃帶、消毒物品)
  • 輕便風褸/ 雨衣 (輕巧款式)
  • 跑鞋 (建議越野跑鞋,有良好抓地功能為佳)
  • 食物/ 能量條/ 乾果類等 (以補充每天4-12小時比賽所需能量)
  • 1 盒緊急用冷凍處理之食物包,或方便麵於途經村落可加熱水即食
  • 1包淨水丸
  • 哨子


  • 防水膠套/ 地圖袋 (或密實袋) – 保護地圖
  • 睡袋 (最少禦寒度數10度)
  • 頭燈/ 電筒/ 照明用具 (配備額外新電池)
  • 冷凍處理之食物包,村落可加熱水即食 (大會提供星期四酒店早餐、星期日晚上及星期一早上膳食)
  • 蚊怕水
  • 防曬用品
  • 補充能量食品 (例如果仁、乾果、花生、餅乾等)
  • 能量條/ 能量啫唎,以供3天比賽之用
  • 能量補充劑 (粉劑,可加水飲用補充電解質)
  • 食鹽/ 電解質藥片
  • 帽子 (連保護頸項,以防曬傷之用)
  • 潤滑劑 /凡士林 (減少因摩擦受傷造成的皮膚發炎)
  • 輕巧相機及防水袋
  • 拖鞋/ 涼鞋 (比賽後穿著)
  • 處理水泡之小工具
  • 旅遊保險 – 建議所有跑手購買包括個人物品丟失、損壞及醫療救援在內的旅遊保險