10 Nov-12 Nov, 2023


2023 - NEPAL Action Asia 3 day ULTRA

 10 Nov-12 Nov, 2023
 Kathmandu, Nepal Trail hike and run options

Rules & Regulations 規則與條款

Official Rules & Regulations


1. Race number to be worn in FRONT of you. Note if 2 race numbers given to you then 2nd race number on your back and report to finish HQ when completed.

2. No throwing any garbage of any kind on the trail.

3. No water bottles allowed to be taken away from water checkpoints if there are bottles. You must bring your own hydration system (minimum 1.5 litres) for the refill.

4. Should you drop out you must notify the nearest checkpoint and leave your race number or face emergency rescue costs bill for looking for you.

5. You must stay on marked course and no shortcutting is allowed or result in disqualification.

6. All contents on mandatory equipment list must be carried on all days of the race unless Race Director makes changes at race briefing.

7. Race Director has right to impose time penalties or even disqualification for those not following mandatory equipment list so please take time to make sure you study equipment list (mandatory and recommended). The runner will get 1-hour penalty for each missing item in the first aid kit. 

8. Race Director has final say on all matters.

*Note - You can change from 100k down to 60k during the event but not 60 up to 100 category. Before the race, all can change either way 60 to 100 or 100 to 60 within 48hrs of the event but please try to give us 1 week notice minimum as creates problems.

If you change from 100k to 60k at the end of Day 1, your total Day 1 time will be used for the remainder of the race. (E.g. If your Day 1 time is 6 hours as 100k runner, after you change to 60k, your Day 1 time will still be 6 hours.)