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29 Jan, 2020

HK50 West 2020 – Pre HK100 training run?!

A race that I’ve been looking forward to since last year, after finishing the then (HK50WEST) inaugural race and having injured my achilles tendon for 3 months, I wanted to come and have a strong come back. Unfortunately, this year I did not have the advantage of ‘knowing the course’, because the race director decided to reverse the direction and add a bit of FUN into the course (extra 4K plus new torturing way to climb TMS).

We were brought to the start in pitch-black morning. While everyone was busy complaining about the start time and wrapping themselves in warm clothes, it was all worth it when you witnessed the sea of clouds on top of TMS. What an amazing view to start the day, and 2020!

By reversing the course, natural trails descending from TMS to Ho Pui reservoir became runners’ heaven. You can easily over did it for sure, but it was hard to resist the urge of flying down the trails.

This results in huge regrets in the later stage. Sun came out. Crawling up TMS again via Lin Fa Shan, this (horrendous climb) was new to me. No, it was lovely, no, not convincing at all.

Coming down TMS, I was like let’s take it home baby. Crap, I completely forgot about the yet another mental challenging, never-ending ups and downs rocky trail before hitting the road to Shing Mun reservoir to the finish. This hopelessness sounds familiar, right, the Action Asia Taiwan 50.

I made it back. Yelling at MM with anger. Of course, I will do it again.

Written by Edith FUNG who grabbed 3rd in her age group for the 54km category in 8 hours 25 minutes in the HK50 WEST event organized by Action Asia Events.


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