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08 Mar, 2020

Families bond over fitness and fun at Action Asia Healthy Hike and Run2020

Families bond over fitness and fun at Action Asia Healthy Hike and Run

Strict hygiene measures put in place – the new norm

Tai Lam, Hong Kong - Sunday, March 8, 2020 – “I really liked running in the bamboos today at the Healthy Hike and Run. I’m sure if you came here you would have enjoyed some of the parts of the Action Asia course as feel like you’re in a secret place, tight and all to yourself. The marking was great. I saw some pigs and other wildlife with beautiful scenery. Recommend it” said overall 19km winner, Frenchman and HK resident JB Martinet setting a blistering pace top of the podium in 1 hour 40 minutes 14 seconds.

Participants challenged themselves to 5km, 13km or 19km courses around Tai Lam Country Park and were told by organizers Action Asia Events when they arrived to not touch the check point and finish line water bottles, to keep your water bottle or hydration system 6 inches away from the tap that was poured by the Action Asia staff on hand cleaning their hands regularly with hand sanitizer at the water stations. Whole bananas were given out, but no oranges, biscuits, bread or peanut butter that risked participants sharing food items.

UK’s Justine Clark stormed home to grab the Women’s 19k title in 2 hours 6 minutes 57 seconds. “Love this race. One of my favorites. Love the rolling trail parts as just went hard all the way to see how far I could go. Brilliant race and well organized. Great marking. Could not go wrong” said Clark.

“I really like this course as it’s the 3rd time I’ve done it. It’s one of the courses I’ll definitely be coming back every year” said 3rd place overall women Nicky Inge finishing the 19km in 2 hours 9 minutes 40 seconds.

Six-year old Hazel Wong Hui Yin beaming with a huge smile at the finish with her dad Wong Ka Ho just loved the event and the fresh air. “I just love to run” speaking in good English, but a little shy and happy to get out of her home into the country park. When asked who was faster, her dad or her, she smiled even more and said she was faster laughing staring at her dad clearly loving the fresh outdoors with some red rosy cheeks from the 5km workout and enjoying quality time with her dad both finishing on the Unicorn Team in 55 minutes and 45 seconds.

“The 5km course is a mixture of road, basic trail route, quite easy with uphill stairs near the end and very good for training all the muscles. I always look forward to the uphill stairs as very confident on hills. It’s a challenge to me as always like pushing myself in short fast races‘ said overall 5km male winner Hong Kong’s Tony Tsz Chun Au Yeung finishing in 24:48 for the 2nd year in a row grabbing a win, who finished in 25:26 in 2019 top of podium and a history of podium results over the years at the Healthy Hike & Run by Action Asia Events.

Hong Kong’s Michelle Yim grabbed the overall 5km Women’s title in 36 minutes 27 seconds.

In the 13km course Stephen Higgins from the United Kingdom, Hong Kong resident and a regular at the Healthy Hike & Run on the podium grabbed the overall male win in 1 hour 8 minutes. The Women’s 13km category was won by Claire O'Neill of Ireland in 1 hour 44 minutes 33 seconds.

The Healthy Hike & Run set off from Tai Tong Shan Road BBQ area, with the 19km runners at 8.30am followed by the rest (5km/13km) at 8.50am. After heading into Tai Lam Country Park, the three routes went separate ways, but all looped back to the Yuen Tun trail and finished where the race began.

The event is organized by Action Asia Events and is possible thanks to the generous support of sponsors: Action X Store, Watsons Water, Regal Hotels, Salonsip, Herbalgy, Royale International, Amcham, New Life Plastics and Horizon Sports.

2020 Healthy Hike & Run Full Results

19 km
Top 5 Men

1. JB Martinet – France - 01:40:14
2. James Edward Bowen – UK – 1:55:28
3. Siu Cheong Fong – HK – 1:57:09
4. Po Ka Lai – HK – 1:59:57
5. Tai Chiu Ko – HK – 2:00:47

19 km
Top 5 Women

1. Justine Clark - United Kingdom - 02:06:57
2. Hanah Fjelddahl - Japan - 02:08:32
3. Nicky Inge - Hong Kong SAR - 02:09:40
4. Margaux PICHON - France - 02:10:00
5. Eleanor Gould - United Kingdom - 02:11:32

13 km
Top 5 Men

1. Stephen Higgins - United Kingdom - 01:08:00
2. WING WAI TSOI - Hong Kong SAR - 01:11:00
3. Shan Ching Chan - Hong Kong SAR- 01:13:00
4. Ming Shing Tiu - Hong Kong SAR - 01:14:11
5 NG Wing Fai - Hong Kong SAR - 01:14:42

13 km
Top 5 Women
1. Claire O'Neill -Ireland - 01:44:33
2. Chow Tsz Kiu Erica - China - 01:52:43
3. Robyn Allanson - United Kingdom - 01:54:01
4. Patcharin Chuenchompoo - Thailand - 01:57:09
5. Vicki Fan - China - 02:03:43

Top 5 Men
1. TSZ CHUN TONY AU YEUNG - Hong Kong SAR - 00:24:48
2. Wai Lun Ng - Hong Kong SAR - 00:27:03
3. Andre Todman - Australia - 00:35:57
4. Chun Fung Yip - Hong Kong SAR -00:44:50
5. Christian Goldsmith - United States - 00:53:21

Top 5 Women
1 Michelle Yim - Hong Kong SAR -00:36:27
2. Rica Raubenheimer- Philippines -00:38:18
3. HIU PING POON- Hong Kong SAR -00:50:30
4. Tsz Hei Yip - Hong Kong SAR - 00:55:41
5. Tong Mu - China - 01:05:20

5km Family Teams
Top 5 overall
1. Wing Hang Hui - Hong Kong SAR - ok仔仔 - 00:36:55
1. Hei Shun Hui - Hong Kong SAR - ok仔仔 - 00:36:55
2. Jerika KONG - Hong Kong SAR - King Kong - 00:37:18
2. Raymond KONG - Hong Kong SAR - King Kong- 00:37:18
3 David Brown - United Kingdom - Yeet Squad - 00:37:30
3. William Brown- United Kingdom- Yeet Squad 00:37:30

Race Info

Event Name: Healthy Hike and Run by Action Asia Events
Date: Sunday, March 8, 2020
Distance: 5km, 13km, 19km
Start Time: 8.30am (19km) 8.50am (13km/5km)
Start Location: Tai Tong Shan Road BBQ area (500m above Po Leung Kuk), Tai Lam, NT, Hong Kong
Category: Hiking and trail running options
Course Information:https://www.actionasiaevents.com/our-events/past-events/2020/2020-healthy-hike/course.html#content

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