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Jun 29 / 2015

Spotted: a Family Man on Singapore Trails

Spotted: a Family Man on Singapore Trails

 “I will always ensure that I get to give my wife and two beautiful daughters a hug before I leave for races” said Alvin Png.

 Alvin Ping interview leading up to MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50 and after his 2nd place 100km finish in Mongolia

Q1. How did you develop your love and interest in running?

A1: I was initially a road cyclist for many years. I started to get really interested in running after witnessing a friend ran round Singapore in a fund raising ultra-event in 2010. After I got out there and did it myself, it was no turning back. To me, trail running is running free, running wild, exploring, and moving.


Q2. Ideal trail running course and distance for beginners?

A2: MacRitchie and Green corridor are all good beginners trail running courses in Singapore. These trails are generally not too technical which allow new comers to build up confidence particularly on footing.

As for the distance, I would recommend people to keep the approach as gradual as possible. One can start out doing just a couple of km to test things out first. From there, adjust the distances accordingly, but always remember to listen to the body. It will tell you when you are ready to increase the distances. Even for seasoned road runners who are making the jump over to trail running. It's imperative to start out gradually as well because trail running taxes the body in a much different manner than road running does.


Q3. What is your typical race day routine?  Do you have any prerace superstitions?

A3: I must have my coffee before the race start particularly for races that start in the morning.

I do not have any prerace superstitions but I will always ensure that I get to give my wife and two beautiful daughters a hug before I leave for races. Another thing I must have with me is the lucky rainbow loom bracelet that my girls made for me.


Q4. What makes you continue to enjoy running?

A4: Running is more like a lifestyle for me. I love the feeling of freedom it gives me. I appreciate the time alone to think about things while I'm doing my solo runs. Other times, I enjoy switching off and going into the zone while cruising along. This makes me feel very at peace. With that being said, I doubt I'll never stop.


Q5. How would you prepare for the MSIG Singapore AA 50?

A5: I keep most of my runs at an easy aerobic pace/heart rate. I'll try to put in some faster workouts like fartleks, tempo runs and hill intervals once or twice a week one month leading up to an event.


Q6. Can you share some advice in your running career?

A6: One thing I learnt after lots of trial and error on training methods and nutrition. Every individual is different and special. One got to be bold and experimental. Don't be afraid to try out new things eventually you will find what works for you and what doesn't. It is also imperative to take things easy and learn to manage stress, be it training or everyday stressors.


Alvin Png - 愛家也愛越野跑的好男人

Alvin Png:「我每次在出門參加比賽之前,一定會擁抱我的太太和兩個美麗的女兒。」


Q1: 你是怎麼愛上跑步的?










A5:我平時訓練的時候基本都儘量保持有一個平穩的速度 / 心跳。在比賽前一個月開始,我會試著每個星期加入一兩次速度較快的健身方式,比如:法特萊克訓練法(Fartlek)、節奏跑(Tempo Run)和山坡間歇跑(Hill Intervals)。






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